Thank you to law enforcement for rescuing my iPad

To the Editor:

While driving on 466 around 8:30 Friday morning, I was stopped by an officer. He thought he had spotted an iPad fall from my car. He led me up, around, and back, through streaming traffic, and stopped. Stepping out, he walked over and lifted an iPad from the center line. I had not even seen it; it blended with the roadway. It worked – perfectly! I thought, “Wow, I have everything but the cover!” Then, across the road, he noticed a black item – my cover. I had it all. I tried to ask how I could thank him, but he was gone. I didn’t even get his name. But following me out there that morning, I know I had a special angel – in an officer’s uniform. Thank you to Deputy Clay Stansell. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Mary Norem
Village of Winifred

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