Time to stop bashing Trump

To the Editor:

As an Independent, I implore Democrats… enough with the Trump bashing! I get it that you don’t like – you seem to detest! – the man. Fair enough. But, if you want me to support you, you still have to come up with something viable. You gave us eight years of dishonesty and horrible governing, abuse of power, outright refusal to obey our laws by those sworn to uphold them, and abuse of the Constitution and Declaration, which was “justified” because your agenda was more important. THEN you foisted Hillary on us and aped the MSM mantra that we had to accept her. You gave me an untenable choice, she was defeated, and now what do you offer? Some of you are still flogging the dead Hillary horse, the Party offers no viable solutions to our current problems, some of which are worse than they need to be at least partly because of the actions of the previous administration, movements like abolishing ICE are incredibly stupid and not even directed at the source of the problem as you identify it [that would be CBP, not ICE, which is the agency that is handling the parents / children mess created under Obama.]
All I hear and see from your Party is Trump Derangement Syndrome, fueled instead of quelled by your leadership: Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Perez, Ellison, Cummings, Nadler, Warner, Schiff. One doofus even wanted Strzok awarded the Purple Heart – apparently because he shot himself in the foot and got caught out at it.
Of course, I’m sure the Republicans are imploring Democrats to keep up with the Trump bashing! They probably see that Trump is actually picking up some sympathy and support for being able to keep on despite an unprecedented barrage from the MSM and Democrats. And probably even more support for things he is accomplishing DESPITE blanket opposition from the MSM and Democrats. Reduced Federal welfare, respect for laws, tax cuts and working instead of depending on government, rational immigration without pandering to and protecting criminals, courts that respect the Constitution rather than make laws… polls have been showing that Americans from across the political spectrum still share a lot of common values despite the Democrats total opposition.
And I’m sure the Republicans will positively salivate if Democrats run Hillary again…

David Jones
Village of Hemingway

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