Two arrested after officers find medications used in meth in car outside Wildwood Dollar General

Timothy Ray Fox

Wildwood police arrested two people this past Friday after officers were called to the Dollar General store at 629 S. Main Street for a theft in progress.

When officers arrived just after 5 p.m., they made contact with Angelia Bean Hannah, Timothy Ray Fox and a 60-year-old man at a car in the parking lot. Officers also spoke with a clerk who said the store’s security alarm activated when Angelia Hannah left the store, a police report states.

After the 60-year-old man gave officers permission to search his vehicle, they found multiple boxes of over-the-counter medication. When an officer took the items back inside the store, the security system activated. The clerk also confirmed that the items were Dollar General property and showed the store’s security devices on the items.

Angelia Bean Hannah

The report states that the medications were security taped because they frequently are stolen for use in the production of methamphetamine.

The report also says that officers viewed the store’s security camera footage and saw the 60-year-old man distracting the clerk while Fox and Angelia Hannah took the items found in the car.
Fox, 27, and Angelia Hannah, 43, were taken into custody and transported to the Sumter County Detention Center, where they are being held on $2,000 and $500 bonds, respectively.

Officers also were called to the same Dollar General store on May 2 just before 7 p.m. after a man and woman later identified by a clerk as Fox and Hannah allegedly stole several items, including pain reliever, hair dye and three boxes of vitamins. The clerk said she attempted to question Hannah when she was leaving the store but was unsuccessful. Officers also viewed surveillance footage from May 2 that showed Fox and Hannah inside the store.

Fox was arrested March 22 after walking into the Family Dollar store in Wildwood with a 13-inch knife with an 8-inch blade tucked into his waistband. He also has a prior petit theft conviction from May 9, 2017 after being arrested by Lady Lake Police officers.

Hannah had two active warrants that were not confirmed at the time of her arrest.

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