Village of Hillsborough man sentenced after altercation with wife over ‘listening’

Daniel Brewington

A Village of Hillsborough man has been sentenced in connection with a fight with his wife that began while they were traveling in their golf cart.

Daniel Lee Brewington, 58, had been arrested March 21 on a charge of battery.

His wife said they had been traveling in their golf cart when they began to argue about “listening,” according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. She claimed that while they were traveling in the golf cart, Brewington kept elbowing her in the rib cage.

“She stated that she then jumped out of the golf cart in order to get away from him and walked the rest of the way home,” the deputy wrote in his report.

When she arrived at their home on Nance Run, her husband attempted to get into a car and drive away. She claimed Brewington slammed the car door and “smashed her hand” after she attempted to persuade him not to go.

She claimed that Brewington has been abusive to her multiple times in the past.

The deputy made contact with Brewington at the Wildwood Police Department. He claimed his wife had scratched his face, but admitted that when he “shut the door,” her hand “might” have been smashed by the car door. He admitted he had been arrested more than 20 years ago on a charge of domestic battery.

Brewington’s wife, who immediately sought an injunction for protection against domestic violence, has since filed for divorce.

This week in Sumter County Court, Brewington pleaded no contest in the case. He has been placed on probation for one year and ordered to perform 30 hours of community service.

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