Villager arrested last year in golf cart DUI lands back behind bars

Steve Stacey Lightner

A Villager arrested last year in a golf cart DUI has landed back behind bars.

Steve Stacey Lightner, 68, of the Village of Country Club Hills, was booked Wednesday morning at the Sumter County Detention Center after violating his probation. He was being held without bond.

He had driven up this past March to the gate on Cazares Avenue where he was spotted by a gate attendant who suspected Lightner had been drinking. When a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy arrived to investigate, he discovered that Lightner’s driver’s license had been permanently revoked in 1997 for multiple DUI convictions. Lightner also had liquor in a wine glass in the cupholder of the golf cart. While attempting to perform field sobriety exercises, Lightner became frustrated and told a deputy, “Take me in.” He provided breath samples that registered .182 and .174 blood alcohol content.

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