Villager jailed after driving ex-husband’s convertible, writing checks from his bank account

Maria Adams

A woman was arrested after using her ex-husband’s convertible without permission and writing checks from his bank account.

Maria Adams, 53, was arrested Monday afternoon at her ex-husband’s home at 2840 Remington Road in the Village of Belvedere on a charge of grand theft of a motor vehicle and multiple charges of forgery.

Her ex-husband contacted the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office after he discovered two checks missing. One had been written May 1 to a doctor for $75. The second had been written on May 4 for $442 to Wal-Mart.

She also drove his green 1999 Mazda convertible without permission, according to an arrest report.

He had been out of town at the time.

The Romanian-born woman said she told her ex-husband, who is over the age of 65, several times before that she needed new eyeglasses “really bad.”

She said her ex-husband told her he did not have to give her anything. Adams said she “feels very hurt about this as she only does good for him,” the arrest report said. She said she did not feel “like I was doing something wrong.”

Adams’ husband filed for divorce in 2011. She contested it. The divorce was granted in 2012, according to records on file in Sumter County Court.

He purchased his home in The Villages in 2004.

She was jailed at the Sumter County Detention Center on $14,000 bond.

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