Villager questions sinking yard issue

To the Editor:

Over a year ago, I noticed my side lawn sinking around the utilities boxes (approximately 6-foot square). In the middle of the boxes are two sprinkler heads that belong to each of my side neighbors.
I first confronted each one of them to see if a sprinkler pipe may be broken that would cause the lawn to be collapsing, but both systems were running fine. I then contacted The Villages Property Management staff for advice and informed them that the electrical box cover was damaged by what I suspect was a long-time-ago landscaper.
I was advised to contact Duke Energy, which I did, and a representative was dispatched to assess the situation. The damaged box will be repaired, but as to the ground sinking, they said they would need to send a Duke engineer to evaluate.
I have been keeping Property Management up to speed but cannot get any answers as to what is causing the problem. Nor is anyone apparently going to take responsibility and correct the problem before my lawn and driveway totally collapse.
I feel that I am getting the runaround from the various departments and people and need some direction as to where to turn to.
Thank you.

Denis Armstrong
Village of Santo Domingo

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