Villager who aimed gun at landscaping crew sentenced after seeking treatment

Michael Anthony Oleszczak

A Villager who pointed a gun earlier this year at a landscaping crew has been sentenced in the case.

Michael Anthony Oleszczak, 68, was arrested June 19 after he reportedly pointed a 9mm semi-automatic gun at a pair of landscapers and asked them, “Are you done yet?” The incident occurred at Oleszczak’s home at 950 Pickering Path in the Village of Dunedin. The crew had been working at a home next door. He wound up pointing the gun at the landscapers three times before he was arrested by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies. Oleszczak appeared to be intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

Last month in Sumter County Court, Oleszczak pleaded no contest in the case. He was placed on six months probation.

Oleszczak on Sept. 17 checked into the Blackberry Center, a 64-bed, inpatient mental health facility located in St. Cloud. 

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