Villagers’ daughter earns Ph.D. from Regent University

Sheridan Nichols, daughter of Villagers Delie and John Nichols, recently received her Ph.D. in strategic communication from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va.

Villagers Delie and John Nichols pose with their daughter, Sheridan, and their granddaughter, Ann Marie Batt, recently. The Nichols were celebrating Sheridan’s recent graduation from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., where she earned a Ph.D. in strategic communication.

Sheridan Nichols lives in Johnson City, Tenn., where she is a professor and adjunct faculty of communication at East State Tennessee University and Milligan College. She previously earned a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism from Indiana University and a master’s degree in communications from ETSU. She previously served as on-air reporter for a CBS station in Great Falls, Montana and an NBC affiliate in Bristol, Va., and is the current host the cable-television program “Inside Bristol.”

Sheridan Nichols’ doctoral dissertation was titled “Custody Arrangement and Communication Style as Predictors of Parent-Child Relationships Post-Divorce.”

The Nichols have lived in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown for seven years and reside in the Village of Harmeswood of Belle Aire.

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