Villagers in villa community concerned about rental properties dragging down their home values

Residents of the Kelsea Villas approached the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors with concerns about rental properties dragging down the values of their homes.

“We bought homes in The Villages because it’s beautiful,” said Johna Randa, speaking on behalf of her neighbors on Monday afternoon before the CDD 10 Board of Supervisors.

However, she said that their home values are being negatively impacted by homeowners who don’t show the same level of concern for their property.

Randa pointed to language that states that weeds have to be 8 inches tall before a homeowner is in violation of the deed restriction.

Although she did not provide any addresses, Randa suggested that the problem lies with properties that were purchased to be used exclusively as rentals.

CDD 10 Supervisor Joyce Edmonds said she had heard similar concerns during her years as a CDD 6 supervisor.

“In some neighborhoods, we have people who aren’t there,” Edmonds said.

Supervisors encouraged Randa and her neighbors to continue to report any violations to Community Standards.

They also agreed to consider changing the language that would lower from 8 inches the violation with regard to weeds. It will be discussed at a future meeting.

It was pointed out that the rule was originally 12 inches, but all CDDs later lowered it to 8 inches.


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