Villager’s restaurant shut down after high-priority violations discovered

A Villager’s restaurant was shut down last week after high-priority violations were discovered by an inspector.

Steve’s Trackside Bar at 16485 U.S. 301 in Summerfield was subject to an emergency closure this past Friday and Saturday after live roaches were discovered in the food preparation area, according to an inspection report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

At the kitchen area behind main building, one live roach under handwash sink (crevice). Eight live roaches inside metal cabinet (drawers), Manager killed and cleaned five. One live roach on wall between prep table and coffee machine, Manager killed and cleaned. Five live roaches under wood prep table (crevices),” the inspector wrote in the report.

In addition, roach excrement and dead roaches were discovered.

Initially the owner, Steve Routte of the Village of Summerhill, needed more time to correct the situation. The restaurant was allowed to re-open later on Saturday.

The restaurant offers a “Taco Tuesday” as well as karaoke and free pool on Wednesdays, according to the website.

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