Villagers for Veterans and Combat Veterans to host Spartan Weekend

The Villagers for Veterans and Combat Veterans will host The Spartan Weekend beginning Thursday, May 18 at The Waterfront Inn at Lake Sumter Landing.

The Spartan Sword
The Spartan Sword used during The Pledge ceremony.
Veterans supported by the Spartan Alliance
Veterans supported by the Spartan Alliance

An unofficial meet and greet by the poolside will take place on that Thursday. The Spartan Bike Ride will then take place the following day Friday, May 19, beginning at the Eisenhower Recreation Center parking lot.

The Lake Sumter Bike Club will help in taking veterans in small groups on a ride through certain parts of The Villages. Some veterans will be invited to nine holes of golf at one of the courses.

On Friday evening, Villagers for Veterans will host a pasta dinner at North Lake Presbyterian in Lady Lake, with entertainment provided by Purple Heart recipient Matt Williams. Two severely injured veterans will also receive an all terrain chair that evening.

Tickets will be $25 per person and can be purchased on

Saturday will include a poker run for veterans and villagers. City Fire, Fernandina and Friends, Villagers for Veterans, Combat Veterans to Careers and the Spartan Alliance have worked together to run the event. Later that evening, a “Live The Pledge Gala” will be held at the Savannah Center, consisting of a sit down dinner open to Villagers.

America’s Elvis John Woodall and the Blue Suede Soul Band will provide entertainment, while author of “The Spartan Pledge” Boone Cutler will speak and lead veterans in saying “The Pledge,” which is a statement recited to save fellow war fighters from committing suicide.

Tickets for this event is $30 per person and can be purchased HERE

The Spartan Weekend will conclude on Sunday after a brunch at the waterfront.

The entire weekend event is to bring awareness to veteran suicide and to continue raising support for veterans. “The premise behind this event is to help veterans find a Battle Buddy in civilian life that can help them when they find themselves in a dark place,” says head of Villagers for Veterans Marie Bogdonoff.

Villagers for Veterans are also in need of bicycles for the veterans and donations of unused bicycles are encouraged.

For more information about Spartan Weekend, click here or call Bogdonoff at 516-220-5068.

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