Villages Democratic Club calls for Memorial Day weekend boycott at Publix

The Villages Democratic Club is calling for a Memorial Day weekend boycott at Publix over the supermarket’s financial backing of a candidate for governor.

Adam Putnam

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has reportedly received $670,000 in political contributions from the popular supermarket chain.

He is running to succeed Gov. Rick Scott, who has his eyes on a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Putnam has been taking some heat for his unbending support of the National Rifle Association, even in the wake of tragedies in Florida, including the Parkland school shooting and the Pulse nightclub massacre.

The leadership of The Villages Democratic Club is encouraging its members to boycott Publix on Saturday and Sunday.

The Villages Democratic Club is the largest Democratic club in Florida.

The club’s call is part of a growing movement across the state to pressure Publix over its association with Putnam.

“By participating in this boycott, we make a bold statement that we stand for the safety of school children in Florida and throughout the United States,” said Jeff Yonce, president of The Villages Democratic Club.

Putnam is already feeling plenty of pressure from GOP gubernatorial rival Congressman Ron DeSantis, who is backed by President Donald Trump.

Last weekend, The Villages Democratic Club hosted some of the top contenders for governor on the Democratic ticket.

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