Villages swimmer Leech dominates Senior Games competition

When Villages’ swimming legend Nate Leech is entered into a meet, chances are he is in it to win it.

This past weekend was no different.

From left: Villages swimmer Nate Leech, Rudy Vazmina and George Schmidt took the top spots in their competition.

At the 2018 Florida Senior Games in Clearwater/Pinellas County, the competition was strong – but Leech was even stronger. In fact, the trio of Leech, George Schmidt (West Palm Beach) and Rudy Vazmina (Sarasota) combined for 17 record-setting performances in the Florida Senior Games. And in the end, Leech finished on top, followed by Schmidt and Vazmina.

On the second day of competition at Clearwater Lawn Bowls and Shuffleboard Complex, Donald Greenlee, of The Villages, won his second gold medal of the weekend. Greenlee and fellow Villages resident Paul Ayotte took home the gold in their age group.

Athletes from throughout the Sunshine State are competing in the 2018 Florida Senior Games, which run through Sunday, Dec. 9 in Clearwater/Pinellas County.

Meanwhile, Carol Helfer, of The Villages, teamed with Lakeland’s Linda Armstrong to win the 65-69 age group.

In bowling, Jerry Teel, of The Villages, and Summerfield’s Ed Fentermacher took the gold medal in the men’s 70-74 doubles. The pair fell just three pins short of the record of 1,311 set in 2010 by Villagers Dick Merrill and Samuel Anzalone.

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