Villages widow calls for help after giving scammer bank account number

A Village of Springdale widow called a Marion County sheriff’s deputy for help Sunday afternoon after realizing she’d been scammed.

The 82-year-old woman, who lives in the 17600 block of Carson Terrace, said she had received a phone call Saturday from a man claiming to represent a company that owed her deceased husband money. The woman said the man requested her bank account number so he could deposit the funds directly into her account, a sheriff’s report states.

The woman said she initially refused to give the man her account number and suggested he just mail her a check. But she eventually gave in after being told it was the only way she could receive the money, the report says.

On Sunday, the woman went shopping and her debit card was declined when she attempted to pay for merchandise. She told the deputy she didn’t know for sure why the card was declined but believes the man she gave the bank account number to withdrew all of her money from the account.

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