What is it going to take?

To the Editor:

It’s 1 a.m. and I am still upset over two accidents between golf carts. The day before St. Pat’s day I was returning from a friend’s where I was dropping off a chaffing dish at another friend. I was riding along the lake heading to the medicine gate. As I was approaching the curve a lady in a golf cart came to the curve swung into my lane and headed straight towards me. I slowed down and when I realized she was not moving into her lane I slammed on my brakes causing the chaffing dish to fly out of my cart. She quickly moved over, as she passed me she looked at me and just raised her arms and shrugged her shoulders and just kept going.
Today, I was on my way to Spanish Springs. I stopped to get my mail and started to head to the square. I was coming up on the medicine gate, I noticed a golf cart coming up on me kind of fast. He honked his horn so I moved closer to the curb, he flew by me and then tried to get in front, but he was not far enough in front of me forcing me to turn sharp towards the curb and flat run into it. He just kept going and never stopped. Thank God I did not get hurt, but it damaged the front  passenger side tire and broke a tire rod.
Moral to this cart and know the person driving: I am 71 years old and feel something has to be done. People are getting hurt and some have died. They ignore stop sign, don’t signal and fly down the paths. What is it going to take to solve this problem? More deaths and serious injuries. Let me end with this – I hope the man who caused me major damages to my cart, I hope you’re reading this this cause your better keep looking over your shoulder. I know you and your golf cart so I will be looking for you.

Al Berliner
Villager of Silver Lake

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