With voting rights come corresponding responsibilities

To the Editor:

Have you noticed the number of liberals eager to erase so much of traditional America? Here is a partial list of what they want to erase, motherhood, the moral value and right of an unborn, the terms “illegal aliens” and “binary gender”, America’s history, achievement by merit, the national anthem, capitalism, the Electoral College, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, voter identification requirements, national borders, conservative thought and Christianity.
A liberal was once a person who believed in liberty without asking anyone’s leave. The Democratic Party’s drift from that belief has been incremental but escalated under Barack Obama. In its place, liberalism has morphed into a resistance movement masquerading as social justice and making unequivocal demands of absolute obedience.
Our nation has defended its liberties by due process, rule of law, unrestricted free speech, armed conflict and voting rights. We are embarking on a mid-term political campaign. It will be accompanied with, hyperbolic tropes and memes by the expert class designed solely to obfuscate deflect and distract voters. But beneath it all is simply a battle for political power and control.
Some would believe that there is no discernible difference in which party prevails.
Those who would erase our way of life are banking on that very inattention and apathy by voters. Those social justice warriors are anxious to move forward unencumbered and to strip America clean of its freedoms, tradition, customs and values. Be an informed voter and then choose carefully and choose wisely.

Dennis Petrucelli
Village of Bonnybrook

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