Yamaha golf cart reportedly stolen at Spanish Springs Town Square

A part-time Villager’s Yamaha golf cart has been stolen at Spanish Springs Town Square.

Bob Malacarne, of the Village of Del Mar, had driven in his 2011 Yamaha four-seater at 6:55 p.m. Sunday and parked behind World of Beer. He returned to the parking lot at 7:55 p.m. and discovered his golf cart had vanished. Restaurant staffers told Malacarne they saw a man drive away in the golf cart.

There has been a rash of stolen Yamaha golf carts in The Villages in the past month.

Malacarne’s golf cart had a U.S. Virgin Islands registration plate on the back that read RESCUE 4. He and his wife live in the U.S. Virgin Islands and are in The Villages enjoying some vacation time in their second home.

“The Lady Lake police have been very helpful, especially Officer Alvarez. However, I will probably never see that cart again,” Malacarne said. 

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