Ex-girlfriend arrested after allegedly egging man’s home in Village of Sunset Pointe

Diane Frank
Diane Frank

A 60-year-old Village of Sabal Chase woman remains free on $1,000 bond after she was caught on video surveillance egging the home of her ex-boyfriend in the Village of Sunset Pointe.

Diane Frank was taken into custody Friday by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies on a charge of criminal mischief.

She had gone to the home of her ex-boyfriend on Hartsville Trail and threw eggs at it, according to an arrest report. She then threw a walking path stone against a window causing chipping to the glass. She then used the stone to slice through a screen door. The entire incident was captured on the man’s home surveillance system, the arrest report indicated.

She was taken into custody Friday morning at her home on Astor Way in the Village of Sabal Chase.


  1. It seems like she should be charged with more than just criminal mischief. Does she avoid hurling a deadly missel and B&E because she didn’t have the arm strength to break through the glass and didn’t enter the porch?

  2. hope to hear from all the complainers that whined when this arrest was first posted… i have never been arrested (thank God), but evidently the paper work can sometimes be delayed until verified/completed… I kinda like reading items, “in real time” even if they are not fully complete, over reading something 3 to 5 days later in the Daily Sun

    • You failed to mention her defender, that moonbat Deborah Zaranti, who referred to the perp as a very sweet woman. Sadly this woman will be patted on the head and told to play nice and this site will refuse to name the liberal judge who sets her loose. Also sadly, Deborah Zaranti. Out.

      • What did I ever do to you Scott James? Diane used to handle our insurance a few years ago. She was very competent at her job & treated us well. Am I not entitled to say something positive on this forum (for a change) without being ridiculed & called names?

    • The paperwork often takes time to wind its way through the PD and the prosecutors office. The prosecutor makes the ultimate decision of taking a case to trial. Depends on whether they think they can win. They sometimes wait as they only get one bite of the apple.

    • I had a moan when first report was published, as the only bit of information it contained was her previous employers name, who had naff-all to do with the story.
      Anyway, now the eggsact details have been released she’s fried, although her mind is a bit scrambled, however, with the judges being a bit addled around here, she will probably come away from the court sunny side up.

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