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The Villages
Monday, June 14, 2021


George J. Del Monte

George Del Monte was the announcer for Bands of The Villages, as well as a vocalist for The Villages Swing Band. He also was an award-winning published poet.

Melvin R. Brown

For the last 16 years, Melvin Brown and his wife, Margaret, escaped the Maine winters for their home in The Villages, where they were difficult to get a hold of as they were always out with family and friends.

Mary Joanne Petulla

Being a homemaker and raising 8 children, Mary Jo Petulla also enjoyed painting and teaching ceramics. She had a love for movies, and she passed along that passion to her children.

George William Roome

George Roome and his wife, Lois, eventually moved to The Villages, where George joined the Train Club and spent many happy hours attending meetings, playing with trains, and enjoying the many activities and interests he and Lois shared.

Roger Cochran

Roger Cochran and his wife, Betty, retired to the Villages and loved it. Golfing daily, listening to music at the Squares – they truly lived their best life!

Judy Ann Seasor

Judy Seasor was a hard-working waitress and spoke often about her many jobs at different restaurants. Judy had an incredible work ethic, and together with her husband, worked hard to provide for her family throughout the years.

TanaSue Marie Pointer Denner

Tana Denner devoted her life to pet rescue. Her dogs were her children. She used that passion, first as a client and then as a dedicated Vet Tech at The Animal Clinic of Lady Lake.

Hope Sharon Davis

Hope Davis moved to Lady Lake from Brooklyn nine years ago to be closer to her children and because of her health issues.

Clifford Adolf Asdal

Clifford Adolf Asdal passed away June 4 in The Villages.

John Rudolph Meakin

Villager John Meakin was devoted to his wife, Mary Jo, his children, his grandchildren, and the Lord.  He enjoyed volunteer work, table tennis, reading, golf and jigsaw puzzles.

John Anthony McCormick

Throughout John McCormick’s life, he was very active, competing in any sport activity, such as volleyball, horseshoes, billiards, softball, ping-pong, and bowling, in which he competed in sanctioned leagues, accumulating numerous awards, and continued until the age of 92.

Samuel Marvin Williams

Sam retired to The Villages with his wife in 1994 and they both enjoyed the Villages lifestyle of leisure: golf, pickle-ball, billiards, dining out, etc.

Matthew Billy Marble

Matthew Marble was a Christian who enjoyed rebuilding motorcycles, construction work, and spending time with his good friends.

John Joseph Clooney, Jr.

Jay Clooney loved to travel, golf and visit with family. He was an active parishioner and volunteer at St. Mark the Evangelist. 

Judy Crawford Johnson

Judy Johnson was an excellent cook, and she loved to sew and cross stitch. She was a talented musician who played the French horn, drums and piano.

Thomas J. Materazo

While living in The Villages, Tom Materazo enjoyed playing golf with his wife and neighbors, kayaking, cycling and attending the many social events in their neighborhoods.

Rosemarie Coppola

Rosemarie Coppola worked at Macy’s as a saleswoman for 21 years while raising her family. She was a member of the Red Hat Society

Wilma Mausser-Konrath

Wilma Mausser-Konrath enjoyed spending time with family and friends in The Hamptons. She always loved being around people, and enjoyed music and dancing.

John “Jack” Kabat

Jack Kabat spent the last 20 years in The Villages playing golf with his dinosaur club friends, woodworking, socializing and playing cards with friends. He loved popcorn and made the best pancakes.

Carmelina Joanne Woodworth

Carmelina Woodworth worked in the banking and secretarial industries before moving to Fruitland Park, which she called home for over 20 years.

Bertha Louise Cave

Bertha Cave enjoyed being a Military wife and loved being around family and friends.

Inez Hanken Gallinaro

In addition to being an avid tennis player and golfer, Inez Gallinaro and her late husband, Nicholas, enjoyed many years of domestic and international travel both for business and pleasure.

Richard John Mintken

Rich Mintken and his wife, Genie, moved to The Villages in 2014 to enjoy an active lifestyle, nightly music and golf courses.

Jeanne J. Marciante

Jeanne Marciante was an active member of The Villages and St. Timothy’s Catholic Church. She worked at the old Chula Vista restaurant and the front desk of the Villages Health Club, though her great passion was being a water aerobics instructor at La Hacienda Sports Pool.