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The Villages
Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Jeane Veres

Jeane Veres moved to The Villages in 2000 where she continued her love of quilting, knitting, and crochet, and discovered her talent for painting.

James Stewart Wemesfelder

Villager James Stewart Wemesfelder taught for 33 years at Liverpool Schools, N.Y. He was a member of Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages.

Clifford Carpenter

Clifford Carpenter of Lady Lake was an active volunteer along with Laurie for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

William “Pat” Murphy

William “Pat” Murphy spent his last two and a half years in The Villages where he made wonderful friends and enjoyed golf.

John Dennis Sullivan

Villager John Dennis Sullivan, known as “Deacon John,” served at St. Timothy Parish in various ministries.

Shelby Young

Villager Shelby Young was a devoted member of Tri County Clown Alley and The Villages Clown Alley 179.

Mario Cacace

Villager Mario Cacace was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Betsy Nein

Betsy Nein, known as Betsy Star, moved to The Villages and started her singing career.

Ed Petrosky

Villager Edward Petrosky was a proud Navy veteran having served as the Captain’s yeoman aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in the late 1960’s.

Douglas John Kelso

Douglas John Kelso retired in 2017 and moved to The Villages where he pursued his many hobbies and enjoyed hours of fun in the sun in his Corvette convertible.

William Charles Carroll Jr.

William Charles Carroll Jr. and his wife retired to The Villages in 2002. He enjoyed golf, reading, movies and music.William Charles Carroll Jr.

Donald Ray Hickson

Donald Ray Hickson lived in The Villages for 8 years and was a longtime resident of Carmel, Ind.

Sydney Gerrey

Sydney Gerrey moved to The Villages in 2010 and loved the beach, being around those she loved and Florida State football.

John Emil Johansson

John Emil Johansson was involved in sports all his life, including managing Little League teams and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bettye Green

Bettye Green’s happiest times were when her entire family gathered at her home in The Villages for holidays.

Bobbie Reid

Villager Bobbie Reid was the sales promotion coordinator for several San Francisco Bay Area newspapers.

Eugenie Specht Davis Sarro

Eugenie Specht Davis Sarro moved to the Jersey Shore in 1958 to attend Ann May School of Nursing in Neptune. She raised her children and lived in Shark River Hills for fifty-three years before retiring to Florida in 2016.

Janemarie Dorsey

Villager Janemarie Dorsey attended Valparaiso University in Indiana and later attended the University of Michigan to become a teacher of math and science.

Mary Winter 

Mary Winter had a heart for missionaries and faithfully supported several of them.

Joseph  Hajducko

Villager Joseph Hajducko was always a teacher at heart. He was a graduate of Purdue University and Calumet College.

Mary Vallone

Mary Vallone loved to travel and was very proud that she was able to visit all fifty states as well as traveling to Europe.

Robert Alan Rosner

Robert Alan Rosner was a member of St. Timothy's Church, sang in their choir and played softball.

William Masden Jr.

Bill had five great passions in his life. The first one being a Marine.The second would be bowling.The third would be pizzaThe fourth, his daughter Shannon Noelle.The last but definitely not the least is his wife Shannon Danielle.

Richard Zidlick

Richard was honest, loyal, caring and fiercely protective. He was humbled and grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon him and his family each and every day. He loved his family beyond measure and loved to travel, find solutions to fix everything