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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Marion health provider expands into The Villages with new location

A group of health care providers serving Marion County has expanded into The Villages.

MRIs help to reduce prostate biopsies

MRIs may save many men from getting a prostate biopsy.

Villager accuses doctor of ‘perforation’ that led to life-saving emergency surgery

In a lawsuit filed against Citrus Cardiology Consultants, a Village of St. James resident claims he sustained "significant injuries" that required emergency, "life and limb-saving" surgery after a doctor "negligently placed stents" in his leg, causing a "serious perforation."

Villager accuses Villages Health doctor of botched procedure that led to spinal injury

A Village of Duval woman has filed a lawsuit against The Villages Health accusing one of its doctors of “permanently injuring” her spinal nerves during a lumbar decompression procedure. 

Keep moving to combat osteoarthritis and Inflammation

Dr. Gabe Mirkin advises that you should keep moving to combat osteoarthritis and inflammation. He practices what he preaches.

Exercise and socializing can stave off memory loss

Research shows that exercise and socializing can stave off memory loss. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has some advice.

Recovery hospital sued for negligence by late woman’s estate

A critical illness recovery hospital that serves The Villages is being accused of misdiagnosing a severe bedsore that resulted in "two months of unfathomable pain and suffering" for an 88-year-old woman just weeks before she died.

Health benefits of eating fermented foods

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that there are plenty of healthy benefits of eating fermented foods. See what he recommends.

Inspector finds numerous violations at Asian restaurant in The Villages

An inspector found numerous violations last week at an Asian restaurant in The Villages.

How to avoid skin cancer

As much as we love the sun in Florida, Dr. Gabe Mirkin reminds us it can be dangerous.

Morgan Freeman’s diabetes

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at famed actor Morgan Freeman who has battled diabetes.

AdventHealth to build ER on 27 acres near The Villages

AdventHealth has closed on the purchase of 27 acres in Fruitland Park where it plans to build a free-standing emergency department.

Sumter County residents urged to take part in Community Health Assessment survey

Sumter County residents are being urged to take part in a Community Health Assessment survey. We've got the online link to the survey.

RSV infections can be dangerous for certain adults

RSV infections can be dangerous for certain adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Inflammation may explain association of dementia with constipation

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that dementia is not just a disease of the brain. Research is showing that it is a disease of inflammation.

Dr. Mirkin to discuss lifestyle changes to prevent and treat Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Gabe Mirkin will discuss lifestyle changes aimed at preventing and treating Parkinson’s Disease. You are invited to attend this free event.

UF Health-The Villages Hospital gets single-star rating in government ranking

UF Health-The Villages Hospital has received a single-star rating in a newly released government ranking.

Lifting weights helps to lower high blood pressure

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that research shows that lifting weights can help lower blood pressure, but caution is advised.

Orlando Health makes push into The Villages with new medical pavilion

Orlando Health has opened its newest facility adjacent to The Villages’ Brownwood community, expanding services for residents of Lake, Sumter and Marion counties.

Look out for others when the heat is on

We are used to the heat in Florida, but we still need to stay on our toes, looking out for the people we love.

Can you eat too much fruit?

Can you eat too much fruit? Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes about his experience eating an excessive amount of fruit.

Lisa Marie Presley complained of belly pain prior to death at hospital

Dr. Gabe Mirkin takes a closer look into the factors that may have played a role in the death of Lisa Marie Presley.

Exercise helps to prevent dementia

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that  risk for dementia can be reduced significantly by exercising and lowering high blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthful weight, and avoiding smoking.

Sleep problems associated with increased stroke risk

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at research that suggests sleep problems could increase your risk of stroke.