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Taking testosterone may be bad for your heart

Dr. Gabe Mirkin makes the case that older men who suffer from poor sexual function should not choose to take testosterone. He outlines the dangers.

Drink water instead of sweetened drinks

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at the health risk of drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. His recommendation? Drink water.

Parent company of Villages Regional Hospital honored with fifth straight workplace award

Central Florida Health, the 636-bed not-for-profit healthcare system comprised of The Villages Regional Hospital and Leesburg Regional Medical Center, is included in the new list, “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare 2019.”

Electric-Assist Bikes and Trikes

Dr. Gabe Mirkin and his wife Diana are enthusiastic cyclists, riding 150 miles per week. He contends electric-assist bikes can improve the training programs for cyclists at all levels.

Tim Conway and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Tim Conway starred on television for 40 years, most notably on "The Carol Burnett Show." Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at the condition from which Conway suffered, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.

Heart attacks again linked to red meat

Dr. Gabe Mirkin takes a sobering look at the dangers of eating red meat.

Earl Thomas Conley and cerebral atrophy

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on the life of country music artist Earl Thomas Conley, who has died of cerebral atrophy.

Prevention and treatment of stress fractures

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at stress fractures, something suffered by those who regularly exercise.

Villages hospital CEO reveals closure of Outpatient Surgery Center

An Outpatient Surgery Center operated by The Villages Regional Hospital at its East Campus off U.S. Hwy. 27/441 has "temporarily" shut its doors and will be re-evaluated in the fall.

World-class bicycle racer takes own life after suffering concussion

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes "the saddest story" he has ever had to write. It's about a talented woman who took her own life after suffering a concussion.