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Monday, January 30, 2023


Bivalent booster protects against most recent COVID-19 viruses

The CDC reports that the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine that is available today helps protect against infection by the omicron variant XBB and its subvariant XBB.1.5 that dominate infections today. 

Loss of hearing is a major risk factor for dementia

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that research shows that loss of hearing is a major risk factor for dementia.

High salt intake and dehydration can hasten aging

Dr. Gabe Mirkin warns that a high-salt diet increases the risk for high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and premature death.

Lisa Marie Presley was born famous but had hard life

Lisa Marie Presley was born famous but had a hard life. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back at her many marriages and yo-yo dieting.

What you eat could help prevent dementia

What you eat could help prevent dementia. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has some advice.

How eating meat increases risk for heart failure

Dr. Gabe Mirkin explains how eating meat increases your risk for heart failure.

A medical breakthrough in early cancer detection

Now screening for more cancers is possible with multi-cancer early detection tests that rely on a blood sample to detect cancer like the Galleri test.

Blood pressure is often higher in wintertime

If you have high blood pressure in the winter, you are at increased risk for a heart attack, even if your blood pressure is normal in the summertime. Dr Gabe Mirkin explains.

Sleep problems can be harmful

Lack of sleep can cause depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weight gain, and impaired work or school performance.

Reaction to COVID vaccination may mean better protection

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that a reaction to the COVID vaccination may mean it’s prepared to do a better job of protecting you.

Floss before you brush your teeth

Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers advice about brushing your teeth in order to preserve and protect the enamel.

Lack of exercise is worse than prolonged sitting

Dr. Gabe Mirkin advises that older people who move around live longer than those who are consistently sedentary.

Early warning signs of dementia

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at some of the early warning signs of dementia.

Get your flu shot now

This winter is expected to be a severe flu season, and Dr. Gabe Mirkin is advising everyone to get a flu shot now.

Reasons to get the new bivalent vaccines for COVID-19

Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers advice about the new bivalent vaccines for COVID-19.

Suspected carcinogens in some sunscreens

A recent study found that 75 percent of more than 1,850 sunscreen products evaluated either offered poor skin protection from the sun or contain ingredients that may harm your health.

What causes long COVID?

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 13.3 percent of patients who develop COVID-19 will suffer from Long COVID syndrome. Dr. Gabe Mirkin breaks down what you need to know.

First conventional COVID-19 vaccine approved for ages 18-up

The U.S. government has purchased 3.2 million doses of a new vaccine to combat COVID-19.

Avocados linked to reduced heart attack risk

Avocados are particularly healthful because they are full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and soluble fiber, and contain almost no saturated fat. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has details.

Monkeypox is spreading faster than expected

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that Monkeypox is spreading faster than medical experts originally predicted.

Older vegetarians at increased risk for muscle loss

A study has found that older vegetarians are at an increased risk for muscle loss. Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers some advice.

Eat and sleep to recover from intense exercise

Top endurance athletes use hydration, nutrition, and sleep to help them recover from intense exercise. Dr. Gabe Mirkin says it will work for you, too.

Elvis biopic sparks renewed interest in myth that constipation killed The King

The new Elvis biopic has prompted numerous Google searches inquiring as to what killed The King of Rock ’n Roll. Thousands of those searches in the past week have led to this 2021 column by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, published in Villages-News.com.

Lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure

Dr. Gabe Mirkin advises that correcting a faulty diet is the most important lifestyle change that can be made when combating conditions like high blood pressure.