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Villagers fighting to keep protective wall in rapidly changing environment

A husband and wife who bought their dream home in 2006 in The Villages, are fighting to keep a protective wall they erected to keep out the world which has been changing around them.

Drinking ignites alleged brawl leading to Villager’s arrest

A Villager’s decision to order a drink at a restaurant ignited a brawl later at her home which ended with her arrest.

Oxford man tries to claim illicit pills were legally obtained from Walgreens

An Oxford man landed in jail after he tried to claim illicit pills found in his possession were legally obtained from Walgreens.

Loud exhaust in Wawa parking lot leads to arrest on drug charges

A vehicle’s loud exhaust led to the driver’s arrest on drug charges after he pulled out of the Wawa parking lot.

Wife who hit husband with champagne bottle back in trouble again

A Parkwood wife who was arrested after allegedly hitting her husband in the head with a bottle of champagne is back in trouble again.

Villager allegedly shoves wife of 50 years out of golf cart

A Villager was arrested after allegedly shoving his wife of 50 years out of a golf cart.

91-year-old allegedly strikes woman at medical office parking lot

A 91-year-old was arrested after allegedly striking a woman in the parking lot of a health care center.

Moped-riding Villager arrested while allegedly high on cocaine

A moped-riding Villager was arrested while allegedly high on cocaine.

Driver with suspended license apprehended with marijuana

A driver with a suspended license was apprehended with marijuana during a traffic stop.

Suspect jailed after violent attack sends girlfriend to hospital

A suspect has been jailed after an alleged attack sent his girlfriend to the hospital.

Hoarding son won’t be prosecuted for alleged abuse of mother

A son whose hoarding has become notorious in The Villages won’t be prosecuted for allegedly abusing his mother.

Attorney ordered to stay off booze after disorderly intoxication arrest

An attorney has been ordered to stay off booze after a disorderly intoxication arrest.

Wife arrested after allegedly attacking husband playing on his computer

A wife was arrested after allegedly attacking her husband who was playing on his computer.

Oxford man arrested with drugs after leaving Wawa parking lot

An Oxford man was arrested with drugs after leaving a Wawa parking lot.

Homeless man with history of strange behavior caught trespassing

A homeless man with a history of strange behavior has been arrested on a trespassing charge.

Villager arrested after visit to his neighborhood swimming pool

A Villager was arrested after a visit to his neighborhood swimming pool.

Villager charged in fraudulent worker’s comp claim against employer

A Village of Chitty Chatty man has been charged with pursuing a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim against his former employer.

78-year-old Villager jailed after defying judge’s order

A 78-year-old Villager has been jailed without bond after defying a judge’s order and returning to his home.

Mexican native arrested on felony driving charge at gate in The Villages

A native of Mexico was arrested on a felony driving charge near an entrance gate in The Villages.

Trespasser with syringe arrested while showering at RV resort

A trespasser with a used syringe was arrested while showering at a RV resort in Wildwood.

81-year-old Villager arrested after fender bender at shopping plaza

An 81-year-old Villager was arrested after a fender bender at Pinellas Plaza.

Member of cleaning crew allegedly steals $9,113 cashier’s check

A member of a cleaning crew allegedly stole a $9,113 cashier’s check from a credit union at Trailwinds Village in Wildwood.

Walmart shoplifting suspect apprehended in golf cart at Stonecrest pool

A Walmart shoplifting suspect was apprehended in a golf cart at the community pool at Stonecrest.

Illegal immigrant from Guatemala arrested in fatal stabbing at hotel

An illegal immigrant from Guatemala has been arrested in a fatal stabbing at a hotel in Wildwood.