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The Villages
Tuesday, October 3, 2023


71-year-old Villager arrested after brawl at home in Cason Hammock

A 71-year-old Villager was arrested after a brawl at a home in the Village of Cason Hammock.

DUI suspect who ran stop sign found with 10 Vista Bay beverage cans in car

A drunk driving suspect who ran a stop sign was found with 10 Vista Bay beverage cans in her car.

SWAT team summoned after gun fired during domestic violence incident

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT team was summoned to a home in Oxford after a shot was fired during a domestic violence incident.

Summerfield woman accused of pointing gun at man during emotional outburst

A Summerfield woman is accused of pointing a gun at a man during an emotional outburst.

Serial shoplifter on oxygen attempts to steal floor lamps from Walmart

A serial shoplifter on oxygen attempted to steal floor lamps and other merchandise from a local Walmart.

Man who had been ‘drinking all night’ jailed after alleged attack on host

A Summerfield man who had been “drinking all night” was arrested after an alleged attack on his host.

Resident of The Villages arrested after traffic crash near Bonefish Grill

A resident of The Villages was arrested after a traffic crash near Bonefish Grill.

Pair sought in theft of two cartloads of merchandise at Walmart

A man and a woman are being sought in the theft of two cartloads of merchandise at Walmart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

Man from Guatemala arrested with THC-infused cookies found in soccer bag

A man from Guatemala was arrested with THC-infused cookies found in a soccer bag.

Habitual offender nabbed while driving to help sister with yard work

A habitual traffic offender was nabbed while driving to help her sister with yard work.

New wrinkle in case of Villager jailed in ongoing feud with neighbor

An attorney is seeking a dismissal of charges in the case of a Villager jailed in an ongoing feud with her neighbor.

Villager to lose driver’s license as result of 2022 golf cart crash

A Villager will lose his driver’s license as the result of a 2022 golf cart crash at Laurel Manor Professional Plaza.

20-year-old Pennecamp woman won’t be prosecuted in alleged brawl with boyfriend

A 20-year-old residing in the Village of Pennecamp won’t be prosecuted in an alleged brawl with her boyfriend.

Resident of The Villages back behind bars after violating probation

A resident of The Villages has landed back behind bars after violating her probation.

Villager enrolls in anger manager to duck prosecution in road rage arrest

A Villager will escape prosecution in a road rage altercation after completing an anger management class.

Villager to lose license after golf cart DUI arrest at Lake Sumter Landing

A Villager will lose his license after a golf cart drunk driving arrest at Lake Sumter Landing.

Villager’s long-troubled son lands in jail on fresh drug charges

A Villager’s long-troubled son has landed back in jail on fresh drug charges.

Lady Lake K-9 assists in drug arrest at local Walmart

A Lady Lake Police Department K-9 unit assisted in a drug arrest at a local Walmart.

Couple traveling in speeding Tesla arrested with drugs in Oxford

A couple traveling in a speeding Tesla were arrested with drugs in Oxford.

73-year-old Summerfield man charged with trafficking fentanyl

A 73-year-old Summerfield man has been charged with trafficking fentanyl.

Villager who lured potential investors with meals jailed on fraud charges

A Villager known for luring potential investors with meals at restaurants has been jailed on a long list of fraud charges.

Suspect reportedly sold stolen golf cart for methamphetamine and $250

A suspect has been jailed without bond in the theft of a golf cart from Freedom Pointe in The Villages.

14-year-old girl dumped on rainy night at sheriff’s annex in The Villages

A 14-year-old girl was found “crying” and “terrified” after she was  dumped on a rainy night at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annex in The Villages.

Aunt caught on video exposing buttocks to children in ongoing family dispute

An aunt was caught on video exposing her buttocks to children in an ongoing family dispute in Wildwood.