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The Villages
Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Villager arrested on warrant charging him with attempted murder

A 72-year-old Villager was being held without bond following his weekend arrest on a warrant charging him with felony attempted murder with a firearm.

Homeless man arrested with fentanyl at Spanish Springs Town Square

A homeless man was arrested with fentanyl at Spanish Springs Town Square.

Woman jailed after allegedly stabbing live-in man friend with piece of broken vase

A woman was jailed after allegedly stabbing her live-in man friend with a piece of a broken vase.

Stalking suspect with red rose in vase arrested after unwelcome visit to woman’s home

A stalking suspect with a red rose in a vase was arrested after paying an unwelcome visit to a woman’s home.

Mother facing sentencing after inflicting skull fracture on child in The Villages

A mother is facing sentencing after inflicting a skull fracture on her young daughter at a home in The Villages.

Villager whose strange behavior frightened neighbors found incompetent

A Villager whose strange behavior frightened her neighbors has been found incompetent.

New Yorker enters plea in DUI case after golf cart mishap at Cody’s

A New Yorker has entered a plea in connection with a drunk driving arrest after a golf cart mishap at Cody’s Original Roadhouse at Brownwood in The Villages.

Villager serves 10 days in jail after caught driving after losing license in DUI

A Village of Marsh Bend resident has wrapped up a 10-day jail sentence after he was caught behind the wheel of a car after losing his license in a drunk driving conviction.

Suspected catalytic converter thief lands back behind bars

A suspected catalytic converter thief arrested multiple times last year has landed back behind bars.

Teen arrested at apartment complex after shouting threats at woman

A teen was arrested at an apartment complex after allegedly shouting threats at a woman after falsely reporting the theft of his wallet.

Blemish on lip foils Ethiopian woman’s attempt to lie to police about identity

A blemish on her lip foiled an Ethiopian woman’s attempt to lie to police about her identity.

Realtor discovers squatter living in home listed in Oxford

A realtor discovered a squatter living in a home listed in Oxford.

Summerfield man charged with stealing $1,800 cash to feed drug and fish games habits

A Summerfield man has been charged with stealing $1,800 in cash to feed his drug and fish games gambling habits.

Suspected shoplifter defecates on herself while fleeing Walmart at Buffalo Ridge

A suspected shoplifter defecated on herself while fleeing with stolen merchandise from Walmart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

Worker arrested after feasting on employer’s credit card at Chipotle

A worker was arrested after allegedly feasting on his employer’s credit card at Chipotle Mexican Grill at Villages Crossroads in Lady Lake.

Summerfield woman arrested after smashing television with baseball bat

A Summerfield woman was arrested after smashing a television with a baseball bat.

Squatters arrested after found living in unoccupied home in Oxford

Two squatters were arrested after they were found living in an unoccupied home in Oxford.

Michigan woman apprehended in stolen car at rest area on I-75 in Sumter County

A Michigan woman was apprehended in a stolen car at a rest area on Interstate 75 in Sumter County.

Marianna Villas woman in ‘rage’ allegedly leaves man with bruises

A Marianna Villas woman who was said to be in a “rage” allegedly left bruises on a man during an altercation.

Teen who would not stop drinking arrested after allegedly slapping mother

A teen who would not stop drinking was arrested after allegedly slapping her mother.

Suspected thief snatches jewelry and toilet paper from homeowner up in Ohio

A suspected thief was arrested after snatching jewelry and toilet paper from a homeowner reportedly up in Ohio.

Villager arrested on DUI charge after found in car at Spanish Springs Town Square

A Villager was arrested on a drunk driving charge after she was found slumped over in a car in a parking lot at Spanish Springs Town Square.

Man arrested after found hiding in bedroom at Lakeside Landings

A man was arrested after he was found hiding in a bedroom at a home from which he has been barred at Lakeside Landings.

Sarasota woman refuses to provide breath sample during DUI arrest in Wildwood

A Sarasota woman refused to provide a breath sample during a drunk driving arrest in Wildwood.