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Notorious hoarder who threatened mother back behind bars

A notorious hoarder who has been accused of threatening his mother’s life is back behind bars.

Dumpster diver arrested with methamphetamine at Best Buy

A Dumpster diver was arrested with methamphetamine at Best Buy at Village Crossroads shopping center.

Woman armed with sharpening tool threatens man preparing food for dogs

A woman armed with a sharpening tool was arrested after allegedly threatening to kill a man who was preparing food for his dogs.

Suspect arrested in stolen vehicle with bogus temporary tag

A suspect was arrested in a stolen vehicle with a bogus temporary tag.

Woman with booze in Starbucks cup arrested on DUI charge

A woman who had booze in a Starbucks cup has been arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.

Mexican native in U.S. for six years arrested when caught driving

A native of Mexico who has been in the United States for six years was arrested when he was caught driving without a license.

Villager gets break in court in fierce battle over dead man’s home

A Villager has gotten a break in court after a fierce battle over a dead man’s home resulted in her arrest.

Villager enters plea in wake of golf cart DUI arrest

A Villager has entered a plea to a charge of driving under the influence following his arrest earlier this month after leaving Lake Sumter Landing in a golf cart.

Fearful woman flees to Publix after attack by man with history of violence

A fearful woman fled to Publix after an alleged attack by a man who has a history of violence.

Spruce Creeker jailed hours after charge dropped in domestic violence case

A Spruce Creek South resident was jailed hours after appearing in court in a domestic violence case.

Wildwood man who had been drinking arrested in altercation

A Wildwood man who had been drinking was arrested on a battery charge after a brawl with another man over parts for a refrigerator.

Driver ends up in jail after noisy car stereo catches deputy’s ear

A noisy car stereo prompted a trip to jail for the driver.

Trio arrested after foiled shoplifting attempt at Walmart

Three people were arrested after a foiled shoplifting attempt at Walmart.

Motorcyclist who crashed at Leesburg Bikefest caught driving again

A Lady Lake motorcyclist who crashed at Leesburg Bikefest was jailed after he was caught driving again.

Thief who stole political banners in The Villages could face felony charge

A thief who stole political banners in The Villages could face a felony charge.

Hit-and-run driver lands at women’s prison with plenty of activities

A hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a pedestrian on Rolling Acres Road will serve her sentence at a minimum security women’s prison with plenty of activities.

Villager enters plea in alleged attack on 91-year-old resident

A Villager has entered a plea in an alleged attack on a 91-year-old fellow resident.

79-year-old Villager released after more than month in jail

A 79-year-old Villager has been released after spending more than a month behind bars.

Admitted addict blames fentanyl use on 2017 motorcycle crash

An admitted addict blamed his daily fentanyl use on a  2017 motorcycle crash following his arrest after a traffic stop near The Villages.

Law enforcement investigating theft of political banner in The Villages

Law enforcement is investigating the theft of a political banner in The Villages.

Resident of The Villages found guilty of trying to solicit child sex

A resident of The Villages is now required to register as a sex offender after being found guilty of using a computer to solicit a parent/guardian for consent for child sex.

Ex-boyfriend arrested after jealous brawl at Mexican restaurant

An ex-boyfriend was arrested after a jealous brawl at a Mexican restaurant.

Shoplifting suspect nabbed with stolen clothing and diapers at Target

A shoplifting suspect was nabbed with stolen clothing and diapers at Target at Rolling Acres Plaza in The Villages.

Driver who ran stop sign apprehended with methamphetamine

A driver who ran a stop sign was apprehended with methamphetamine.