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The Villages
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Photos of The Villages, Florida. Photos taken at Lake Sumter Landing, Brownwood, and Spanish Springs town squares, as well as popular Villages’ locales including recreation centers, the polo fields, golf courses, local businesses and more.
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House wren enjoys a backyard feeder in The Villages

A house wren visits a backyard feeder in The Villages.

Blue heron at sunset in The Villages

A blue heron takes off as the sun sets over The Villages.

Hydrangea in full bloom in The Village of Amelia

Blue hydrangea blooming in The Villages.

Sitting on the shoreline in The Villages

A great blue heron spotted on the shoreline in The Villages.

Monarch butterfly spotted in The Villages

A beautiful monarch butterfly spotted in The Villages.

Gorgeous night at the Waterfront Inn

A beautiful photo of The Waterfront Inn after dark.

Magnolia in full bloom in The Villages

This magnolia is just beginning to bloom in The Villages.

Sago palm blooming in The Villages

Check out this sego palm full of new leaves ready to bloom.

Red shoulder hawk with an attitude

This red shoulder hawk was not very happy about having its picture taken.

Beautiful views at Marsh Bend Nature Trail

Enjoy scenic views while walking along the path at the Marsh Bend Nature Trail.

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