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Shame on entitled golfers in The Villages

Flooding on Bonita Pass Golf Course Retention Pond

To the Editor: How selfish are you? Why would the villages be responsible for the loss of golf? They have been right here helping clean up, filling in all of the sinkholes, and working hard to restore the courses.  They didn’t say out loud let’s create a hurricane and make The Village golfers mad. How […]

Bad management of post-Irma debris pickup

Many Villagers have debris left over from Hurricane Irma.

To the Editor: Most of the debris in our community is bagged. Taking a sample of the two main streets in our community, I found that 85 percent with debris bagged leaving 15 percent with large debris. There is no reason our regular Wednesday pickup could not have handled this 85 percent over the last […]

Would you like some cheese for that whine?

Wine and Cheese

To the Editor: Talk about the definition of privilege! I know it is the minority, but I am so over those who complain about the closure of the golf courses, how long it is taking for debris to be collected, and that our little home-spun radio station couldn’t give them weather reports during the storm! […]

How about compensating the golfers for course closures?

El Diablo Golf Course seventh hole flooded

To the Editor: As a gesture of good will, wouldn’t it be nice if The Villages would compensate us in some manner for the closure of the golf courses. They could extend priority memberships for the period of time that the courses were closed, offer a discount of the renewal fee for priority memberships or […]

AM-640 WVLG promoted open houses during Hurricane Irma

A window was boarded up at AM-640 WVLG at Lake Sumter Landing. The board was placed on the inside of the window.

To the Editor: Recently read the Letter to the Editor about AM-640 WVLG and can’t agree more. I called SECO about 100 times on all their numbers from Monday early until Wednesday and all busy signals. I called Community Watch to see if SECO gave them an update, the woman said to me, “we have no contact with any […]