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Sports news, sporting information and events in The Villages, Florida. Softball, golf, pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard in The Villages, Florida. Information on pre and post game festivities for national sports in The Villages, Florida. Local runs, charity walks, and more activities in The Villages and surrounding communities.

Villager gets hole-in-one while golfing with weekly group

Villager George Sharp got his first hole-in-one on Wednesday, Nov. 15 on Yankee Clipper Executive Golf Course. He scored the lucky ace on Hole #3 using his driver...

Former PBA bowler Lenny Biodni wins Senior Shoot Out at Fiesta Bowl

Former Professional Bowlers' Association player Lenny Biondi won his first Senior Shoot Out since October of 2012 this past weekend at Fiesta Bowl when...

Village of Virginia Trace woman gets first hole-in-one while golfing with Virginia Trace Ladies Friday Golf...

Diana Marro of the Village of Virginia Trace was golfing with the Virginia Trace Ladies Friday Golf and Breakfast Group for the first time, but she didn’t let...

Village of Caroline woman gets third hole-in-one

Lori Bellitt of the Village of Caroline got a hole-in-one Monday, Nov. 6 at the Sarasota Executive Golf Course. It was her third ace. She got...

Villager gets hole-in-one at Belle Glade

Villager Ben Janssen got his first hole-in-one while golfing Sunday, Nov. 12 here in The Villages.  “It could not have happened on a more gorgeous...

Snowbird gets hole-in-one from men’s tee

Sharon Ostgaard just flew in from Lakewood, Wash. on Nov. 5 for her ninth season here in The Villages. She resides in the Village of...

Golfer with Monday Mulligans ladies group gets hole-in-one at Fenney Putt & Play

A group of women golfers, the Monday Mulligans, played Fenney Putt & Play on Thursday, Nov. 2 for the first time. The women come from...

Villager can cross that one off his bucket list

Al Leone, got his first hole-in-one on Monday, Nov. 6 at Glenview Championship Golf Course. He got it at Hole #7 at Talley Ho. The resident of the...

Village of Duval man gets third hole-in-one

Dave Larson, from the Village of Duval, got his third hole-in-one on the new Gray Fox Executive Golf Course at the Village of Fenney.  He used...

Golf lessons pay off for lucky Villager

Golf lessons paid off for a lucky Villager who recently got a hole-in-one. Gigi Vlamis of the Village of Sanibel took lessons at The Villages...

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