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Donated bicycles can light up Christmas for children in need

The bicycle clubs in The Villages are preparing to support the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annual Bicycle Collection. Villager Dave Lawrence explains how you can help brighten Christmas for a child.

Blood pressure during and after exercise

Dr. Gabe Mirkin warns that high blood pressure puts you at increased risk for suffering a heart attack or stroke and damaging every organ in your body. Lowering high blood pressure helps to protect you from these complications.

Congressman Webster helps constituent obtain green card

When a constituent was caught up in red tape, Congressman Daniel Webster helped that constituent obtain a green card.

GOP needs to tell Trump to ‘stand down’

Columnist Hugo Buchanan, writing in an Opinion piece, contends it's time for the Republicans to tell Trump to "stand down."

Let’s demand a mask mandate

Writing in an Opinion piece, a Villager calls for a mask mandate. And he voted for Trump in 2016 and again this year.

DeSantis must act like a governor instead of vanishing like a scared politician

COVID-19 is out of control and a tropical storm recently pelted Florida but Gov. Ron DeSantis chose to vanish from the public view instead of acting like the leader he was elected to be.

Problems with prescriptions

Columnist Barry Evans writes that sometimes prescriptions don't add up.

Think of your neighbors before you clean out store shelves

Early indications are that we may be seeing a winter version of the spring shortages we saw of items at grocery stores, due to the Coronavirus. Let's all take a deep breath this time and think it through.

President Trump’s executive order a step toward holding China accountable

Congressman Daniel Webster praises President Trump's action that will help hold China accountable.

Green Bay great Paul Hornung suffered head trauma and later battled dementia

Paul Hornung was a star for the Green Bay Packers and a Heisman Trophy winner. But he suffered the hard knocks of football and later sued a helmet manufacturer for failure to protect his head. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on his life and storied career.

CDC advises Americans to make safety a priority this Thanksgiving

The Centers for Disease Control has released guidelines aimed at helping all Americans celebrate a safe Thanksgiving. We've got the full details.

Pfizer vaccine 90 percent effective in early data

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that It looks like we may soon have safe and effective vaccines that can help the world control this COVID-19 pandemic.

Villages shouldn’t fully reopen town squares with COVID-19 out of control

We find it disturbing that despite continued spikes in new cases of COVID-19, The Villages has decided to fully reopen all three town squares.

Black Friday

Columnist Barry Evans looks ahead to Thanksgiving - and Black Friday.

Artificial sweeteners are not benign

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that artificial sweeteners are not benign. He offers advice.

We cannot allow news media to select our president

Reflecting on last week's balloting, Congressman Daniel Webster writes that, "Americans, not the news media, select our president."

Let’s hope for a county mask mandate

Villager Scott Fenstermaker, writing in an Opinion piece, calls on the Sumter County Commission to issue a mask mandate.

A time for healing

Villager Miles Zaremski references a column he wrote earlier in this year in which he called President Trump a "clear and present danger" to The Villages. Now with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, he says we need healing.