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Monday, October 25, 2021


Life of excess led to Mario Lanza’s early death

A life of excess led to singer Mario Lanza’s early death. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has details.

You are unlikely to get COVID-19 from contaminated surfaces

A study from Canada found that your chances of getting COVID-19 from surfaces at the grocery store are very low.

Cursive writing and modern communication

Columnist Barry Evans offers some dire predictions - and possible solutions - regarding cursive writing.

Double the fines to solve the traffic problems

A Villager who has contacted numerous leaders about traffic problems in The Villages contends we need to double the fines to solve the situation.

Biden wants to expand IRS to surveil Americans’ bank accounts

Congressman Daniel Webster warns that the Biden administration wants to expand the IRS to surveil Americans' bank accounts.

The man who helped me add ‘photographer’ to my resume

Columnist Lisa DeMarco remembers the person who helped her add “photographer” to her resume.

Overdiagnosis of chronic kidney disease

Dr. Gabe Mirkin cautions that older people may be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease because of their results on a routine blood test.

Villagers should always pick up after their pets

Pet owners in The Villages should always pick up after their pets and dispose of pet waste in your household trash or in a designated container.

How to prevent wear-and-tear injuries

If you think that football is the sport with the most injuries, you would be wrong. Dr. Gabe Mirkin will reveal the form of exercise that produces the most injuries.

The notorious Quebec Maple Syrup Cartel

Columnist Barry Evans exposes the notorious Quebec Maple Syrup Cartel.

Spending bill hurts middle-class families

Congressman Daniel Webster, writing in an Opinion piece, contends a spending bill being pushed by the Democrats would hurt middle-class families.

The latest news on COVID-19 booster shots

Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers the latest news on COVID-19 booster shots.

My stories about Bertha could fill a book

Columnist Lisa DeMarco remembers an inspirational friend and mentor.

Filibuster abuse threatens checks and balances between branches of government

In an Opinion piece, Water Oak resident Iris Hageney explores the dangers of the filibuster.

George Jones’ life of bad habits made him suffer in the end

George Jones lived and sang about sorrow and poverty, and became one of the greatest country music singers of all time. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on Jones' life.

Something is happening at The Villages Daily Sun

Villager Scott Fenstermaker, writing in an Opinion piece, offers the theory that something is happening at The Villages Daily Sun.

Writing our life story

Columnist Barry Evans and his wife have decided they should write their life’s history.

E-cigarettes have gained a disturbing foothold with our grandchildren’s generation

More than 2 million U.S. middle and high school students reported currently using e-cigarettes in 2021.

Reckless spending and rampant inflation

Congressman Daniel Webster, in his weekly message from Washington, D.C., argues that Democrat leaders’ push to spend trillions of dollars comes at a time when Americans are already feeling the effects from Democrats’ reckless spending.

Is trick-or-treating a dying Halloween tradition?

Columnist Lisa DeMarco grew up loving Halloween and it’s scary to think that trick-or-treating could be a dying tradition.

Walk faster and you’ll live longer

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that many studies show that the faster you walk, the longer you live.

Why I still support Donald Trump

The founder of Villagers for Trump outlines the reasons he continues to support former President Donald Trump.

More than 700 pedestrians killed last year in accidents in Florida

Last year, we lost more than 700 Floridians – our friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers – in senseless and preventable pedestrian-involved crashes.

Options of having a dog

Columnist Barry Evans would like to get a dog, but fears it would outlive him. There are other options.