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The Villages
Sunday, April 18, 2021


More than 95,000 vaccinations given at Lake Square Mall

Lake County Commission Chairman Sean Parks reports that more than 95,000 vaccinations have been given at Lake Square Mall in Leesburg. He's got information on how you can get your vaccine.

Memories from the good old days

Columnist Barry Evans looks back on memories from the good old days.

CDC indicates social distancing may be here for years to come

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that we may need to continue social distancing and hand washing for years to come. What does this new world look like?

Biden’s budget shortchanges military

Congressman Daniel Webster contends President Biden's proposed spending plan will shortchange the military with a defense budget that does not even keep pace with inflation.

Could it be that I talk too much?

Columnist Lisa DeMarco admits she's been called a "Chatty Cathy," but is there an upside to talking too much? You're sure to get a smile out of this week's column.

Rapper DMX was destroyed by his childhood

DMX was a very famous and successful American rapper, songwriter, actor and television star whose childhood was so brutal that it caused him to spend his entire life breaking the rules of society and going in and out of prison. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on his tragic life that ended at age 50.

Are eggs bad for your health?

Were eggs good for you before they were determined to be bad for you? Dr. Gabe Mirkin attempts to answer the age-old question.

Villagers must demand immediate fix to Sumter County ambulance shortage

A shortage of ambulances in Sumter County is raising plenty of concerns in The Villages and its high time that county commissioners start asking some tough questions – and receive legitimate answers in return.

A brief history of slippers

From the great sultans to Cinderella, Columnist Barry Evans offers a brief history of slippers.

Garry Shandling’s high blood calcium

TV star and comedian Garry Shandlling, at age 66, with little warning, died of a sudden massive heart attack. Dr. Gabe Mirkin probes the reasons behind Shandling's death.

Firearm laws that make sense … and will work!

Village of Bradford resident David Dallas, writing in an Opinion piece, offers an idea for firearm laws that make sense ... and will work!

A Jersey girl’s experience running a hot dog cart

Columnist Lisa DeMarco writes that her all time favorite service job, after over 40 years in the hospitality industry, would have to be her hot dog cart.

Processed foods linked to heart attacks and colon cancer

Studies show that the more processed foods you eat, the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack or colon cancer. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has some advice on what to eat and what to avoid.

DeSantis calls on ICE to detain criminals found to be here illegally

Gov. Ron DeSantis has demanded that the Biden Administration rescind its recent executive action allowing “criminal aliens to go free.”

Getting COVID-19 vaccinations should be atop every Floridian’s priority list

All adults in Florida will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines beginning Monday – and we sincerely hope they’ll take advantage of that important opportunity.

The latest on Ludlow

Columnist Barry Evans has an update on the adventures of Ludlow.

Prevention and treatment of muscle cramps 

Muscle cramps are classified into those that occur during exercise and those that can occur at any time not related to exercise, usually at night. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has some advice.

Preserving our Second Amendment rights

Congressman Daniel Webster spoke last week to the Straight Shooters Club of The Villages about his efforts to preserve our Second Amendment rights.