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Monday, December 6, 2021


Mutations of the Omicron Variant

Dr. Gabe Mirkin analyzes the latest news on the Omicron Variant and information on what you can do to protect yourself.

Tightening testing on air travelers another step toward protecting Americans

We applaud the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for revising the current Global Testing Order to shorten the timeline for required testing for all international air travelers to one day before departure to the United States.

Many common drugs can raise blood pressure

Did you know that many common drugs can raise blood pressure? Dr. Gabe Mirkin has a list, that also includes caffeine and alcohol.

Navigating the change in our lives

Change is like a lot of English words in that it can have more than one meaning. Columnist Barry Evans looks back on the changes in his life - and the change he likes best.

Florida officials urge motorists to travel safely during holiday season

Millions of Floridians and visitors are expected to travel on Florida’s roadways over the next several weeks. Safety should be a top priority.

Stephen Sondheim and sudden death in older people

Stephen Sondheim worked very long hours to perfect his magnificent musicals. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back at the ups and downs of Sondheim’s memorable 91 years.

A little Jewish girl’s fight for a Christmas tree

Columnist Lisa DeMarco remembers being a little Jewish girl who longed for a Christmas tree.

You could see this coming a mile away

Villager Jim Cipollone, writing in an Opinion piece, offers the latest information on The Villages' battle to bring apartment living to Spanish Springs Town Square.

Glen Campbell’s dementia

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on the life of entertainer Glen Campbell who died from the effects of dementia.

The need for the POA to fulfill its mission in the 2022 election

With the 2022 election approaching, Columnist Scott Fenstermaker contends the POA needs to live up to its mission of serving as a watchdog for residents of The Villages.

Gas or electric golf cart?

Columnist Barry Evans addresses one of the most important choices a Villager can make - gas or electric golf cart?

Was John Adams right?

Columnist Marsha Shearer writes that democracy is a fragile thing and dependent on the constant vigil of its citizens to assure continuation.

Democrats want to raise taxes on middle class

Congressman Daniel Webster warns that Democrats want to raise taxes on the middle class.

Memories make the holidays special

Columnist Lisa DeMarco has some hard and fast rules about the holidays.

Alcohol does not prevent heart disease

Dr. Gabe Mirkin warns that if you believe that moderate drinking helps to prevent heart attacks, think again.

Death of more than 1,000 manatees this year spurs response from officials

More than 1,000 manatees - more than 10 percent of Florida’s estimated manatee population -- have died since the start of 2021.

Are electric blankets safe?

There has been some thought that electromagnetic waves from electric blankets can be harmful to humans. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks at the research.

Bring on Thanksgiving and all it has to offer

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and the big holiday season will ensue. Columnist Barry Evans has some tips for preparing for the season.

Decontaminate your face mask in your oven

Did you know you can decontaminate your face mask in your oven? Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers a healthy tip.

I will continue to advocate for Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Congressman Daniel Webster vows to continue to advocate for Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller.

Newlyweds show you can find love at any age

Columnist Lisa DeMarco writes about a couple of newlyweds she met at the grocery store.

Unvaccinated people at increased risk for developing repeat infections

Unvaccinated people are at increased risk for developing repeat infections. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has information you need to know.

Attorney general offers valuable tools to help protect Floridians against scams

The attorney general is offering valuable tools to help protect Floridians against scams.

The sad story of Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard enjoyed tremendous success in the music business. But when she died of heart failure at age 32, she made the world painfully aware of a disease called anorexia nervosa. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has her story.