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Impotence a major risk factor for heart attacks

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that impotence is associated with all the same risk factors as those for heart attacks. He offers some advice.

Vote Trump and Keep America Great

Writing in an Opinion piece, Villager John Shewchuk encourages his fellow Americans to re-elect President Trump.

NFL player’s death from heat stroke serves as warning sign

Mitch Petrus, who won a Super-Bowl with the New York Giants in 2011, died of heat stroke at the very young age of 32.  Dr. Gabe Mirkin says it's important to know the warning signs.

Applying user fees will prevent gaming the system

Villager Dennis Petrucelli, writing in an Opinion piece, argues that applying user fees will prevent gaming the system in The Villages.

This madness has got to stop

Lady Lake resident Hugo Buchanan, in an Opinion piece, makes a plea to stop the madness.

We applaud PWAC’s decision to meet with AAC to review ‘free ride’ of Guest...

We applaud the members of the Project Wide Advisory Committee and Villager Catherine Laird for tackling a hot-button issue in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown head-on.


A surprising thing happened when Life in The Villages columnist Barry Evans found out the ladies were talking about shingles.

Calories from foods vary with preparation method

Calorie counts listed on food packages or restaurant menus are deceptive. Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers some advice.

Trees transplanted on Florida’s highways provide motorists’ benefits

Trees not only beautify highways, they can calm motorists down, says a University of Florida scientist.

President Trump’s commitment to America’s workers

Congressman Daniel Webster has words of praise for President Trump's commitment to the American worker.