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We should respect each other

Villager Betty Cunningham, writing in an Opinion piece, argues that we Americans should respect each other.

President Trump is committed to restoring law and order

Congressman Daniel Webster, in his weekly message from Washington, D.C., writes that President Trump is committed to restoring law and order in cities that have experienced violence and rioting.

Low Vitamin D can increase risk for and severity of COVID-19

Dr. Gabe Mirkin advises Vitamin D deficiency increases risk for becoming infected with COVID-19, and for complications and death from the disease. He offers some advice for staying healthy.

Celebrating the Jewish holidays in a time of change     

Rabbi Zev Sonnenstein will lead all the high holiday services virtually from Temple Shalom. All area residents, regardless of faith, are welcome to participate. Villager Susan Sirmai Feinberg, marketing director for Temple Shalom, has the details.

Don’t believe ‘sky-is-falling’ reporting from AP on Greenland’s ice

Columnist John Shewchuk warns that we should not believe the "sky-is-falling" reporting from the Associated Press on Greenland’s ice.

Rich history of The Villages means nothing to the Morse Millennials

There’s no other way to say it: Villages Founder Harold Schwartz would roll over in his grave if he knew his great-great-grandchildren – the Morse Millennials – were about to inundate his beloved retirement community with apartments.

Traffic control

Columnist Barry Evans looks at the evolution of the traffic signal and he wonders out loud why traffic engineers in Sumter County are so left-turn oriented.

AARP poll shows Floridians have faith in voting by mail

Despite partisan in-fighting over election methods, voting by mail remains the most popular choice of voting methods in the Nov. 3 elections, according to an AARP Florida/Florida Politics poll.

First Lady Melania Trump ready to show off White House again

First Lady Melania Trump is ready to show off the White House again. Congressman Daniel Webster has details, including a link where you can sign up for your tour.

Benefits of more activity

Dr. Gabe Mirkin says that a key to prolonging your life and preventing disease is to keep on moving. He's got a look at the science to back up that theory.

Chadwick Boseman of ‘The Black Panther’ loses battle with colon cancer

Chadwick Boseman of "The Black Panther" fame has lost his battle with colon cancer. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on the life of this talented actor who has been lost at such a young age.

Why I voted the way that I did on the Hacienda agenda item

Amenity Authority Committee member Carl Bell, writing in an Opinion piece, explains his vote last month on Hacienda Hills.

Gov. DeSantis has proven to be inept at handling COVID-19 crisis

Gov. Ron DeSantis has done a deplorable job of handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the sooner he realizes it, the better off Floridians will be.

Old Time Teaching

Columnist Barry Evans remembers his school days and advises you didn’t mess with teachers back then. 

Reasons I am afraid to live in The Villages

A Village of Sanibel resident, writing in an Opinion piece, lists reasons she is currently afraid to live in The Villages.

Loss of little girl’s life a sobering lesson about drowsy driving

In 2008, eight-year old Ronshay Dugans lost her life after a cement truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit the school bus in which she was traveling. Her death serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of drowsy driving.

COVID-19 re-employment assistance available online

Congressman Daniel Webster reminds constituents that COVID-19 re-employment assistance is available online.

Avoid ultraviolet lamps for COVID-19  

Dr. Gabe Mirkin warns that you shouldn't put your faith in the many advertisements for ultraviolet light machines making claims that they destroy SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.