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Associated Press participates in climate alarmism

Villager John Shewchuk, writing in an Opinion piece, points to "a typical example of irresponsible, climate alarmism journalism" by the Associated Press.

Even the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center is still free

Villager Dave Dupas, writing in an Opinion piece, contends the people running The Villages have turned into the Grinch - just in time for Christmas! He points out that even the tree lighting is still free to attend at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Pay-to-view Christmas tree lightings show true greed of Villages brass

The season of giving has become the season of taking in The Villages, where a caste system of sorts is quickly being established among the haves and have-nots.

Remembering the Roaring 20s

Remember the Roaring 20s? Columnist Barry Evans writes that he's not sure if everyone has noticed but we are fast approaching what will be our Roaring 20s.

Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to confusion and muscle weakness

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that if you suffer from daytime sleepiness, forgetfulness, confusion, tiredness or muscle weakness, you should get a blood test for vitamin B12 deficiency.

Small businesses are more susceptible to cyber-attacks 

Congressman Daniel Webster, in his weekly message from Washington D.C., warns that small businesses are more susceptible to cyber-attacks than their big -business counterparts. He writes about what is being done to beef up cybersecurity.

Mary Cain and forced weight loss for sports

Dr. Gabe Mirkin tells the frightening story of runner Mary Cain, who was shamed into a weight loss program that led to a horrible eating disorder, stopped her from having menstrual periods, and weakened her bones so she had multiple fractures.

Sex in the Swamp

Villager John Shewchuk, writing in an Opinion piece, looks at interbreeding between the mass media, Hollywood elite, public education and liberal legislators.

Doris Day and pneumonia in older people

Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on the life of entertainer Doris Day, who died suddenly earlier this year at age 97 from pneumonia.

Tragedies on tri-county roadways prove that drivers must think before getting behind the wheel

It’s been a tragic time on tri-county roadways that hopefully will make drivers think before getting behind the wheel.