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Safeguarding students’ right to pray

The Trump administration has taken steps to protect the right of students to pray.

Motorists must abide by ‘Move Over’ law to ensure safety

January is “Move Over” month in Florida and an opportunity to remind motorists to move over – or at least slow down for those on the side of the road doing important work.

Alcohol at any dose can increase cancer risk

Dr. Gabe Mirkin writes that alcohol at any dose can increase your cancer risk. He breaks down the research.

Villager declares victory in battle over little white cross

A Villager has declared victory in his battle over a little white cross in his yard.

New computer

If the recent move wasn't challenging enough, columnist Barry Evans also got a new computer. That's "Life in The Villages."

Basketball great John Havlicek struggled with Parkinson’s later in life

John Havlicek was one of the most gifted athletes ever. He died last year after battling Parkinson's Disease. Dr. Gabe Mirkin looks back on the life of the basketball great.

Governor calls on Legislature to seize the moment

Gov. Ron DeSantis this week delivered the State of the State address and urged the Legislature to seize the moment.

Scary for our national security

Congressman Daniel Webster argues that because of their dislike of President Trump, Democrats are again choosing to put their political agenda ahead of the American people, which is scary for our national security.

Governor touts state’s improving graduation rate

Gov. Ron DeSantis is touting an improving graduation rate in Florida, but concedes there is work still to be done.

Is napping healthful?

Is napping good for your health? Dr. Gabe Mirkin breaks down the research.