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Friday, June 21, 2024

Priority Pool offer really a ploy by the Developer

As a single person who pays almost as much as a couple for use of the priority pools, I resent the taking of two out of the three Priority Pools that I use for use of all members of the community. I travel at least 25 minutes to get to these and they are the only ones I use. I specifically took the pass for the use of these two pools.

They are both currently overcrowded now – making it almost impossible to get a chaise lounge. I can’t even imagine what it will become after they are opened up to everyone. Are they planning on refunding our fees? I doubt it!

In addition, I do believe this is a ploy to get the us to pay for those pools permanently with our amenity fees. Once handed off, they will never take them back and the other ones will follow in the future. Look at their promises with the movie theaters when they said they were renovating them and then never opened them again. They instead rented one out to a health club and are making apartments out of the old health club. This is all to make extra money again and another thing taken away from the residents.

What’s more the attempt to shift what was promised to the residents is being shifted over to the residents to pay for what was supposedly a perk for those who paid for that past perk and more than likely will not receive a refund of the money they paid as proven by past practices. As far as I am concerned less and less of this community is becoming acceptable and the community that Harold Schwartz pictured for the people here. I’m sure he is rolling over in his grave watching what his grandchildren are doing to his vision. I hope they are going to be able to look him in the face when they meet him again. I am only staying because I have family here.

Robin Senholzi is a resident of the Village of Osceola Hills.

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