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Villager has great day on golf course with hole-in-one

Ted Ebert of the Village of Virginia Trace got a hole-in-one Saturday, May 25 at the Pimlico Executive Golf Course. It was the first shot of the day on Hole #1.

Villager Ted Ebert got a hole in one Satuday at Pimlico Executive Golf Course
Villager Ted Ebert got a hole in one Saturday at Pimlico Executive Golf Course.

“Ted turned 86 this year and has been battling a bad back and many other physical challenges, but he came through today, big time, he ended up with 6 pars on top of the ace for a 1 over par from the gold tees,” said his friend Doug White.

Ebert spent a good portion of his career as a sales executive for TaylorMade, so he spent many days on the course with pros helping fine tune their clubs.

“I’m much younger and he often has great advice for me to help improve my game, and it’s worked, for the most part,” said White.

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