Latest rogues’ gallery of ‘bad parking’ examples from our readers

The latest rogues’ gallery of bad parking photos shows disregard for handicapped-designated parking spaces and lack of understanding of parking designated for golf carts.

On Sunday morning, a reader shot a photo of a car at Publix, parked diagonally and spilling into a handicapped parking spot.

A car at Publix at Brownwood overlaps onto a handicapped parking spot.

A car at Publix at Grand Traverse plaza overlaps onto a handicapped parking spot.

Another reader, this time at Sam’s Club, showed a SUV, with handicapped plates, splitting the difference between a handicapped parking spot and restricted area.

This vehicle was parked partially in a handicapped spot at Sam's Club.

This vehicle was parked partially in a handicapped spot at Sam’s Club.

A Prius-driving New Yorker in a handicapped parking spot.

A Prius-driving New Yorker in a handicapped parking spot.

A Prius-driving New Yorker, without handicapped plates, was photographed in a handicapped spot, not quite within the designated parking boundary.

There continue to be misunderstandings of the proper way to park in a golf cart space, including a golf cart driver who opted to park along the curb at Lake Sumter Landing.

Golf cart parking at Lake Sumter Landing.

Golf cart parking at Lake Sumter Landing.

An automobile driver apparently decided to imitate the parking style of golf carts at Spanish Springs Town Square.

An automobile parked in a golf cart spot at Spanish Springs Town Square.

An automobile parked in a golf cart spot at Spanish Springs Town Square.

Another reader was surprised when he emerged from Southern Trace shopping plaza to find a diagonally parked vehicle partially blocking his access.

A driver's vehicle (at right) was partially blocked in at Southern Trace.

A driver’s vehicle (at right) was partially blocked in at Southern Trace.

A van takes two "half spaces" at Publix at Southern Trace.

A van takes two “half spaces” at Publix at Southern Trace.





Also at Southern Trace, the driver of a van, spotting two half spaces left open by two parked golf carts, opted to move in straight down the middle.

If you spot some bad parking in The Villages, share it with our readers by sending your photo to

Bad parking behind redsauce at Lake Sumter Landing.

Bad parking behind redsauce at Lake Sumter Landing.

A truck takes up two spaces at HomeGoods.

A truck takes up two spaces at HomeGoods.

A car is parked in a spot designated for a golf cart at Denny's.

A car is parked in a spot designated for a golf cart at Denny’s.




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  1. Susan L Squier says

    People don’t know how to park whether it is in The Villages or any other place. It is what it is. I lived down there, you just have to look, laugh and keep moving. It just amazes me (even though it shouldn’t) how people can get so worked up over things they have no control of.

  2. Sherren PJ says

    This is a great article, very amusing. The pictures are funny, and the comments are even funnier.

    The comments range from “This is a beautiful place and I love it so much and who has time to worry about parking” to “Call the police, have them towed, the sky is falling”.

    Inevitably someone says “you can’t fix stupid” and “guess it’s not really Florida’s friendliest home town.”.

    I hope the online newspaper keeps posting bad-parking pictures.

  3. Earle Russell says

    AH yes many sides heard from. The — I live in utopia; it’s so beautiful that life will go on forever and Political Correctness is still my mantra.
    The — I live outside the Villages and we are the smart people. The people in the Villages are all ignorant except for the fact that the outside have jobs and the living standard is raised because of the Villages. I wonder where the outside the Villages would work, shop and school the kids if the Villages weren’t here. They fall over each other trying to connect with the Villages so their kids can go to school in the Villages.
    Then there are the people from the Villages that believe 1. I just got down here for the winter and I’m first and have this lousy attitude. 2. The people that are here year round and believe they don’t need to follow the rules, laws or morals of society. 3. The just plain became lazy because they live in the Villages.
    This is a community, county, state and country that is built on laws and regulations – and NO, you’re not exempt because you are part of the Villages or not part of the Villages. Tickets and fines need to given out. It’s basically not funny that a few people take advantage of the rest of society. Where are the cops? If you’re going to patrol the parking lots with a camera, after taking the picture call the cops. Better yet do your parking patrol with a cop and camera.

    • James Radatz says

      Earle: A great posting. My theory: do like they do in the real cities. Have a parking lot officer, that makes rounds to all areas. With the amount of tickets given, the job would more than pay for itself. A real money netter, would be high price tickets for those that without handicapped tags, park in the handicapped areas. Another issue, that is being caused by arrogance is the fact that within a short period of time, golf carts will have to be insured and plated.

  4. Gephart Suzanne says

    I find it amusing and entertaining. I like the pictures – they are pretty funny. Some of these people just can’t figure their way out of a paper-bag. I’m guessing some of them are lazy, but you have to be amused at their ingenuity.
    Many people here in TV go to the gym, pay for exercise facilities, play pickle ball, golf, but balk at parking at the back of the lot. Not me. I am so grateful there is such a beautiful place as The Villages. I’m surrounded by caring and loving people who all want to be my friends. The weather is fantastic, the skies are beautiful, the smell in the air is so sweet. I never tire of watching the birds and I treasure every moment I am alive and well and not suffering some terrible disease. I choose the glass half full instead of half empty….life could be so different and I am grateful it is not.

  5. Roger Zunio says

    Of course I am bothered at times by these examples … However, the eagerness of so many to vilify others in their comments is far more troubling to me.

  6. Marty Clark says

    My opinion is they should be given a ticket, I’m not a Villager but I do shop at Public’s there. I’ve had people on golf cart’s say i can’t park in the spot i’ve parked in because it’s for golf cart’s which it is not !! Alot of the Villager’s think they own the road and they are superior to everyone else !! but not all of them…. Just sayin from a person on the outside looking in….

    • Bob Cochran says

      I’m not sure if the cars can be ticketed or towed, as this might be private property, not county or Lady Lake police jurisdiction. In any case, the golf carts cannot be ticketed, as there is no connection to ownership attached to the golf cart.

  7. Carol Pirone-Udell says

    I guess most of the complainers don’t realize all the activities the villages has to offer so to take up their time they look for things to complain about. I am too busy to stop and take a picture of a car over the line. The only thing I agree with is if your notalking handicapped. ..don’t park in a handicap space.

    • Bill Williams says

      Carol, like to be a fly on your windshield when you “can’t” find a place to park. No, it’s not a terrorist act, but where has common courtesy gone. Plenty of political correctness around, NO common courtesy with these people.

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Wow! You don’t have 20 seconds to take a cell phone picture. You are to be admired. (I’m guessing that’s what you are looking for so I’ll throw you a bone.). By the way, which one of those cars was yours? You seem too busy to back up and correct a parking error.

      • Nancy Verhelst says

        Has nothing to do with car or where you are from. This person is obviously STUPID!
        I was born and raised in NY, but have lived in Fl for longer than that now. I have also owned and driven many Mercedes cars. I would NEVER, consider doing this!
        People are LAZY too. No one wants to walk any more. Find a proper spot and walk to where you are going!!!

    • Bob Cochran says

      Reminds me of the story told to me by one of the golf ambassadors. There was a lady playing one of the executive courses and she got in a sand trap. After she had hit her ball, she walked out of the trap and got back in her cart. The ambassador suggested that she should rake the Sandtrap after she had hit her shot, and she replied, “I live in Bridgeport, I don’t have to rake traps.”

  8. Hunter Hampton says

    The truck at Home Goods parked like that because it’s so long it would hang out across the road. I know that because I have the same truck, and it’s too long for many of the spaces….especially when the car in front has parked with its nose over the line.

    • Austin Sullivan says

      So park further out in the parking lot where no others are around. It’ll fit. I have a large truck that fits into any parking spot as long as others can park normally.

      • Ann Eggleston says

        I agree! I sometimes park out in the lot where no one else has parked because I don’t want my car doors dinged. But, people don’t want to walk the extra distance to
        the store. Now, bear in mind these are the same people that will brag about having walked three miles this morning.

      • Hunter Hampton says

        Really? Take my meds? WTF is wrong with you, you attack me personally? More from the “friendliest hometown” I said nothing offensive to you, or anyone else in this thread. Why act like a jerk?

      • Hunter Hampton says

        Hahahaha…. I never said it was over the line in this instance, just that it makes it harder for longer vehicle to park As for getting a vehicle I can handle? 240,000 miles on two trucks that size, and not a scratch on either…… You guys are so funny……

  9. Dean Springer says

    What is worse is the lack of enforcement by the local authorities. This also applies to apprehending illegal speeding golf carts and auto speeders along Buena Vista or Morse Blvd, except for the Lady Lake police around the 441/Rolling Acres area..

    • Liz Brown says

      Arrogance and lack of enforcement plus some people just shouldn’t be driving. It’s $250 fine for parking on those handicap lines. Think of the revenue that could be collected for this and for speeding???????????

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