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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sweetbay opens second Villages supermarket in Pinellas Plaza

Karen Russell of the Village of Duval was all smiles Thursday morning as she wheeled a cart load of groceries out of the brand new Sweetbay supermarket at Pinellas Plaza in The Villages.

“I love everything about the store. Especially the coupons,” she said.

This is Sweetbay’s second location in The Villages. Sweetbay already has a very popular location at Lake Sumter Landing.

Fred Marlin managed the Sweetbay location at Lake Sumter Landing when it opened several years ago and fondly remembers how Villagers began lining up at 3 a.m. for that store’s opening.

“The opening of this store has rivaled the opening of that store,” Marlin said.

He is now managing the new location.

Pinellas Plaza is located on County Road 466A near the Sumter County Service Center on Powell Road near Wildwood.
Other new businesses going in at The Villages’ newest shopping plaza include Paws and Claws animal clinic, a UPS Store, Peachwave Frozen Yogurt and Better Health Chiropractic. Walgreens will have a location nearby. Citizens First Bank will be located in the shopping facility as well.

Karen Russell of the Village of Duval at Sweetbay at Pinellas Plaza.
Karen Russell of the Village of Duval at Sweetbay at Pinellas Plaza.


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