Residents thankful to see signs of life back at OBG restaurant

Janet Boucher has lived in the Village of Silver Lake for 30 years. She remembers the glory days, when Villages founder Harold Schwartz would frequent the Orange Blossom Gardens Country Club.

She’s hoping a little spark will rekindle those glory days as interior demolition work is set to begin at the storied Villages dining establishment.

The restaurant has been closed since June.

Since that time, residents of the Historic Side of The Villages have wondered about the fate of their neighborhood restaurant and adjoining Tiki Bar.

Orange Blossoms Gardens Country Club, built in the mid-1980s, is a Villages original. Many Villagers have fond memories of seeing Mr. Schwartz golfing at Orange Blossom Hill Golf Course, the oldest 18-hole championship golf course in The Villages.

The speculation about the restaurant’s future has not been limited to those on the Historic Side of The Villages.

Leslie Plante of the Village of Virginia Trace said she always enjoyed dining there.

“It was a great place with a relaxed atmosphere,” she said. “It would be good to see it re-open as a restaurant again.”

An electrical contractor was parked in back of the restaurant on Wednesday and doing some work inside. A large dumpster has been placed behind the restaurant, possibly in anticipation of construction waste.

The Orange Blossom Gardens Country Club.
The Orange Blossom Gardens Country Club.