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Senator Alan Hays delivers strong message to Villages Tea Party

Sen. Alan Hays spoke to The Villages Tea Party on Monday evening at Savannah Center.
Sen. Alan Hays spoke to The Villages Tea Party on Monday evening at Savannah Center.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer for our country, The Villages Tea Party president, Aileen Milton, introduced Florida Senator Alan Hays, a Republican representing the 11th District.

“I did not think I would be elected Florida Senator,” Hays began. “because I am opinionated, I am blunt and I am not politically correct…but I believe God wanted our values to prevail, because I received 36 percent of the vote in a five candidate race.”
‘My heart is heavy for the state of the world,” Hays continued with emotion. “Things are not as they should be in America. Things are not as they should be in the world. All of you have a circle of influence — people with whom you interact. I beg you to cast off the chains of political correctness — stand up and speak out — tell people what you believe — in a firm but gentle way. America is an exceptional country, and we need to proclaim that everywhere we go. Some people are not going to like what you say — but as it says in the Bible [John 8:32]: : ‘…and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'”
“I am very concerned about America’s present state of health and well being,” said Hays, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard and is a dentist. “We need to return to what’s good for America — to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those are God-given rights, not government-given rights. America stands for equality of opportunity — not equal outcomes, but equal opportunities for all. God takes care of the birds,” Hayes added in explanation. “He doesn’t get the worms for them — they have to go out and get their own worms themselves. People need to get off the public dole and go out and work.”
Hays referred the standing-room-only audience at the Savannah Center to the book of Genesis 12:1-3, wherein God spoke to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family, and from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation….” and “…in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” “Does that tell you what America should do in the Middle East?” Hays asked the audience.
“In the 238 years of America’s history, millions have given their lives for American principles. The very least we can do is preserve what they sacrificed for. We have a runaway government in Washington. Our Constitutional government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, yet we have a president who acts like a monarch. He must be stopped! In November, we must retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives and get control of the Senate.”
“The democrats in the White House and Congress are acting like socialists, trampling on our Constitution. (Florida Democratic Senator) Bill Nelson will still be in office — he doesn’t come up for re-election in 2014 — but we can reach out to our friends in other states to make sure they vote for Republican candidates — vote against the Democrats. I hate that we have to be so partisan, but we have elected officials in government that are not acting like Americans. Harry Reid and Barack Obama need to be run out of town. We need a president and a legislature we can be proud of — who espouse American principles. The day has come that we must vote to re-take our country.”
“We have come dangerously close to losing our country. We have millions of uninformed people — we need an educated electorate. We need to educate our kids about American government principles, in Florida and in other states. Go to ‘Renewal of America:’ renewalofamerica.org.”
“The birth of America was bathed in prayer and respect for God Almighty. We need to recognize God’s role in America and seek his guidance — to renew his spirit in America. We need to ask Him to bless our troops, bless our country and bless everyone here tonight. We need to return to being a nation that is respected across the globe. The only land we have kept in foreign countries is the land on which we buried our dead.”
“There are so many people who are politically correct, so many people who are misguided — they actually advocate for foreign laws to rule in American courts — in our courts in the United States of America.” Hays got loud applause when he said: “We passed a bill to forbid the imposition of foreign law in Florida.”
Switching to the subject of Common Core in education, Senator Hays gave it a Bronx cheer (Pfffffffft!) and a thumbs down. “I hate that we are in this predicament, and Charlie Crist is the man who signed that (Common Core) legislation into law.” Senator Hays admitted making a big mistake voting for Common Core, saying “it sounded good and they sold it well — but it isn’t good.” Hays is in favor of review of instructional materials by county or local school officials. Hays advocates if any citizen objects to new instructional materials used in Florida schools, they can file an objection within 30 days — and within 30 more days, the school board must hold a public hearing to listen to the objections. “Common Core has rejected many of the classics of American literature and has put absolute filth — garbage — on approved reading lists for our schools,” Hays added.
Hays supports the ‘Fair Tax’ and the dismantling of the IRS and its mountains of paperwork. He favors an Article 5 Constitutional Convention — and a 10th amendment Revolution: that the Federal government only have the powers enumerated to it in the Constitution. “The Sovereign State of Florida needs to stand up to Washington D.C. and say we will not go along with things they pass which overreach their Constitutional powers. The U.S. Constitution is a wonderful document just as it is — without any more Amendments,” Hays said “but the mis-interpretation of Constitutional principles by our courts happens every day.”
So Hays wants three Amendments. “We need to (1) reform our fiscal policies; (2) restrain the jurisdiction of the Federal government in areas not enumerated by our Constitution (e.g., the Departments of Labor, Energy and Education and the Environmental Protection Agency); and we need term limits for the Congress and for our judges.” Hays wants Senators’ term limits to be 18 years (three terms of six years each) and 9 years for the House of Representatives. The Senator slammed the influence of special interest lobbies and long-term entrenched government bureaucrats on Congress.
Hays is adamantly against Amendment #1 on our November ballot, which would take 30 percent of the document stamp money to buy more conservation land in the State of Florida. “Florida owns five million acres, plus the Federal government also owns an unknown number of acres in Florida — we already have more than we can manage.” He also firmly opposes Amendment #2. “Florida was an epi-center of oxycodone and other prescription drug abuse. Needless to say, we don’t need freely written medical prescriptions for marijuana.”
“There were two candidates running for President in 2012, and only one was qualified,” Hays opined. “We will have two candidates running for Florida governor in 2014, and only one is qualified.” Hays calls Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist ‘Weather Vane Charlie’ — because he goes whatever way the wind is blowing,” and suggested Crist establish his own WII-FM radio station: ‘What’s In It For ME.’ Crist wants to be in the parade so badly, he’ll wear anybody’s costume,” Hays said, and added “If elected, Crist will be [famous Florida attorney] John Morgan’s puppet. Morgan was Crist’s biggest supporter and his golden parachute when he left Tallahassee. Morgan is a blatant socialist.”
Hays wound down his talk to The Villages Tea Party by saying “We have the best system of government that man has ever devised, and we cannot stand by and let it slip from our grasp. We owe it to our military veterans; we owe it to our pioneers in their covered wagons, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to keep America free. Our nation was formed with Divine Guidance, and we must pray it can be recovered.”
Ashley Gardner, campaign coordinator for Governor Rick Scott’s relection, was introduced to the crowd, and the Tea Party audience also heartily applauded Texas Governor Perry’s plan to call out the Texas National Guard to prevent crimes involving illegal immigrants coming across their border. “Washington has failed to protect our borders, so the States must step up and do what’s needed,” club president, Aileen Milton, asserted.


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