Gov. Scott stages major rally in Villages on eve of Election Day

Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Rick Scott, from left.
Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Rick Scott, from left.

On the eve of Election Day, Gov. Rick Scott brought his re-election campaign to Brownwood Paddock Square.

In tow, he had Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Also, along for the ride were Congressman Rich Nugent, state Rep. Marlene O’Toole, State Sen. Alan Hays and Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.

The incumbent governor talked about his record with the Florida economy, veterans and with taxes.

“When my opponent was governor, he didn’t care about Florida. Crist didn’t care about the people,” Scott said. “‘Weather vane Charlie’ only cares about himself. He’s always looking for the next best thing to come along. He proved he’s really not interested in being your governor.”

Scott saw, by a show of hands, about two-thirds of the people present had already voted.

“I really appreciate your support, but our job is not done. You need to talk with your friends who haven’t voted yet — especially the ones who might still be undecided. We need their votes.”

Scott jokingly gestured toward his fellow Republican governors, Jindal and Perry, as being his competitors.

“These fellows are my good friends, but they are also my competition,” Scott said with a grin.

The three governors indicated they are in a three-way contest to be the best leader.

Gov. Rick Perry speaks during the rally.
Gov. Rick Perry speaks during the rally.

Gov. Perry said since Scott was elected governor, he has changed his whole perspective about Florida.

“We don’t think of Florida any more as a place where we can lure good workers to Texas,” Perry smiled. “That isn’t happening much any more. Since Florida has gotten some better jobs, workers are reluctant to leave.”

Jindal talked about Scott’s role in reducing tuition costs.

“Education is so important to a state’s future and to our nation’s future. We are for equality of opportunity, not equality

Bobby Jindal speaks during the rally.
Bobby Jindal speaks during the rally.

of outcome. Everyone must work hard to achieve the American dream. Rick Scott knows what that’s all about. He grew up in public housing, and worked very hard to become successful in business. We all have that opportunity to excel. Charlie Crist’s father was a doctor. With a silver spoon, he hasn’t had the experience of growing up in poverty. He doesn’t know first hand what that’s all about.”

Scott has made multiple trips to The Villages, including during his first campaign for governor. His opponent Charlie Crist has not visited The Villages this election cycle.

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