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Villagers’ son will run to succeed U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent in Congress

Justin Grabelle
Justin Grabelle

Republican Justin Grabelle, former chief of staff to Congressman Richard Nugent, has announced that he will run for the seat that Nugent will be vacating.

Nugent announced his decision on Monday.

“Justin has been a close and trusted advisor for me during my time in Congress, and it’s because he shares my view on what it means to be a public servant,” said Nugent. “Justin believes that if you are willing to sacrifice, to lead from the front, to make the tough decisions and be honest with people, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

“He’s spent years in the trenches fighting on behalf of veterans and seniors. He knows the issues, he knows the people, he has the will to fight, and a clear picture of what needs to get done. Justin represents the very best of a new generation of conservative leaders and I am excited to see what he can accomplish,” Nugent said.

Grabelle resides in Marion County with his wife, Ginny, their son, George, and their lab, Lucy. Grabelle’s parents, Howard and Dorothy, live in the Village of Amelia.

“Today, with humility and gratitude, I am announcing my candidacy for Florida Congressional District 11,” said Grabelle. “As my family and I begin this campaign, I want to make a solemn pledge to the people I seek to represent – you have my word that I will always go to the mat for you and the conservative principles we share and believe in. The cooperate-to-graduate mentality is a career politician’s way of thinking. I support term limits, will abide by them, and will use that freedom to fight for your benefit and not my own.”Grabelle is running to represent Florida Congressional District 11, which includes Sumter, Marion, Lake, Citrus and Hernando Counties. Prior to serving as Congressman Nugent’s chief of staff, Grabelle served as veterans policy advisor, legislative director and chief of staff to Representative Ginny Brown-Waite.

Having grown up in Highland Park, N.J., as one of seven children, and as the son of a small business owner and registered nurse, Grabelle was raised on the principles of hard work, self-reliance and personal responsibility, which encouraged his strong work ethic from a young age. Grabelle’s family’s background also contributes to his health care expertise, as well as his dedication to working on behalf of America’s veterans.

Grabelle graduated from George Mason University in 2004 as a Division 1 scholar athlete with a bachelor’s degree in Government and International Affairs. He subsequently earned his master’s degree in Healthcare Systems at James Madison University.

Grabelle serves as a board member and officer of the Ocala Rotary Club, a member of the Marion County Veterans Council, the Marion County Republican Executive Committee and the LifeSouth Advisory Board, and is a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.


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