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Marco Rubio’s GOP opponent makes appeal to Villages group

U.S. Senate Republican candidate Carlos Beruff spoke to the Villages Tea Party on Monday evening at the Savannah Center and explained what he believes gives him an edge over the incumbent Marco Rubio.

Born in Miami to “revolutionary parents” who attempted to bring change to a Fidel Castro-controlled Cuba, Beruff learned early on the value of hard work as his mother eventually fled to America to seek freedom and worked many jobs to sustain the family.

Carlos Beruff speaks to The Villages Tea Party.
Carlos Beruff speaks to The Villages Tea Party.

Beruff continued to discuss his early adult life, explaining his first experience with business at the age of 22, the struggles he encountered during his time as a businessman and eventually the triumphs over his struggles that lead to his success.

“I have lived the American dream,” said Beruff reflecting on his life of business, which he believes has equipped him for negotiating deals in Washington D.C.

Answering his own rhetorical question as to why America has currently been facing issues, Beruff stated, “We keep electing the same morons to Washington over and over again.”

He then told the audience that he is not looking for a career, since he has had one all his life, and that “no one owns” him compared to other career politicians.

“It is time to tell special interests we don’t want them running our country anymore,” said the longtime businessman.

Talking about his opponent, Beruff described Rubio as a man whose life “has become Washington” and “has no life” other than politics.

Though he depicted Rubio as a hungry politician seeking continuation of his career, Beruff was still questioned about his own performance in polls compared to his establishment opponent.

“I’ve always been an underdog,” said the Manatee County resident.

Proudly affirming his support for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Beruff accused Rubio of being “conducive” for supporting the nominee after initially refusing to affirm his support.

He then said that politicians simply go where the wind blows and that “they don’t take a stand.”

Beruff shocked attendees after indicating that Rubio voted to confirm John Kerry as Secretary of State.

“[You] gotta send people who don’t need a job, who have already lived a career,” said Beruff.  “People who’ll do public service.”

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