85-year-old arrested at Publix retains lawyer who defended Villagers arrested at square

An 85-year-old Village of Rio Ranchero man who allegedly offered a woman at Publix  $20 to play with her breasts has hired an attorney who has successfully defended fellow Villagers.

James Deward Chaska is facing a charge of attempting to procure a prostitute following his arrest Aug. 10 at Publix on Bichara Boulevard in Spanish Springs. You can read about the original arrest HERE

J. Scott Herman
J. Scott Herman

Chaska has hired attorney J. Scott Herman to represent him in the case in Lake County Court.

Herman successfully represented a line dancer arrested last year after punching another woman at Spanish Springs Town Square. He negotiated a deal in which the line dancer took an anger management class and the case was dismissed. You can read about that case HERE

Earlier this year, Herman represented a Village of Hillsborough man who got into an altercation with a woman over a chair at Spanish Springs Town Square. That man will avoid prosecution by performing community service and undergoing anger management. You can read about that case HERE

In Chaska’s case, a plea-negotiating session is set for Sept. 27.