Villages’ own Megan Boone recalls jobs before big break

Everyone starts somewhere, right?

That was the theme of a recent post on Megan Boone’s Twitter account. The Villages-born star of The Blacklist regaled her followers with a trip down memory lane by listing her first seven jobs.

First on the list? “Breaking things at a furniture warehouse.”

After that, the starlet says she waited tables “at a restaurant in a bowling alley.” If you’ve been a resident of The Villages for a while, you might be trying to rack your brain to see if you can recall her waiting on you since there was only one bowling alley restaurant back then. Don’t bother:  She was let go after serving “one table,” and there’s a good chance that it wasn’t your’s.

Megan Boone ascending stairs
Megan Boone ascended from everyday jobs to stardom.

Her next job was a summer gig, greeting folks at a beauty parlor. That is until she “crashed [her boss’s] car” and was let go.

The following two positions she held were in London, England – one working the door at White Heat Night Club, and the other working as a clerk at a “children’s clothing shoppe.”

Finally, Boone says she worked as a cashier at a campus diner while she was attending Florida State University before becoming a Pilates instructor upon moving to Los Angeles, California.

It is always nice to have a fall-back plan, but from the looks of it, we think Ms. Boone will probably hold on to her starring role on the small screen for a while before planning the next job. Although, they did try to kill off her character once already…