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Two students awarded scholarships through popular entertainer Petrina’s iSparkle fund

The 2017 iSparkle Scholarship was announced at The Paper Doll Show performed by Petrina, along with Vinny Masiello’s Impersonation Show on Sunday night, at SeeBreeze Recreation Center.  The show highlighted not only Petrina’s energetic talent as an entertainer, but also her creativity in creating unique paper costumes to reflect the original singer of the songs she was performing.

Connor Merow
Connor Merow

Connor Merow, from Stoughton, Wis., one of two $500 iSparkle Scholarship winners, was able to apply for the iSparkle Scholarship because his great aunt and uncle Barb and Mike Jeakle live in the Village of Tamarind Grove and his grandparents Judy and Terry Merow live in the Village of St. James.  Connor will be attending University of Wisconsin Stout and studying Packaging Engineering.

Tyler Brogden, the other $500 scholarship winner from Dallas, Georgia, will be attending West Georgia College and is exploring his career choices. He was able to apply because his grandparents Linda and Richard Leopard live in the Village of Pinellas.

As long as the applicant lives in the United States, is in their graduating year of high school, and has a relative as a property owner in The Villages, they are eligible to create a video as their application for a chance at the iSparkle Scholarship. The video needs to be no longer than five minutes and should focus on what the applicant has done to emulate the values of iSparkle: Inclusion, Support, Protect, Act, Respect, Kindness, Lift Spirits and Encourage.

Tyler Brogden
Tyler Brogden

Those Villages property owners who have someone related to them who would like to apply should visit http://www.petrina.biz/iSparkle.html   

Connor Merow’s winning application video can be viewed here and shows as an example what is being sought from applicants:


iSparkle is a 501 3 c nonprofit organization which has also obtained charitable status, so donations are now tax deductible.  Aside from direct donations, two upcoming fundraisers are The iSparkle Got Talent show which is looking for people wanting to perform five minute skits, comedy, dance, song or an individual talent on Aug. 20; anyone interested can email [email protected]  The other upcoming fundraiser is the annual iSparkle Golf Tournament being held on Thursday, Sept. 28 at Pimlico, Churchill and Belmont courses; those interested can email Penny Schritz at [email protected]

Depending on the show, Petrina designates money raised from raffles or a portion of ticket sales to the iSparkle Scholarship.  The Board of Directors of iSparkle is made up of Petrina Amsden, President; Jane Bloom, Vice President; Robert Bloom, Treasurer; and Rosemary Ahrens, Secretary. Donations can be sent to iSparkle at 736 Avecilla Drive, The Villages, Florida and a charitable receipt will be provided.

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