Local apartment complex to use ‘Doggy DNA’ testing to curb doo-doo deserters

The largest apartment complex in Lady Lake has been facing an even larger problem among its residents, and more specifically, the residents’ dogs.

Oakleaf Village Apartments, located off County Road 466, is home to hundreds of residents who work in and around The Villages. Recently, the community has received a steady flow of complaints from residents regarding dog owners leaving behind the excrement of their furry friends.

According to a statement issued by management, “un-scooped dog waste has become a real concern” as some residents continue leave their “dog’s waste for others to deal with” and ignore “pet stations” for excrement disposal located around the community.

In order to address the issue, the apartment complex is implementing a dog DNA registry.

Oakleaf Villages

A dog DNA registry is exactly what it sounds like: A registry comprised of DNA records for the various dogs in an apartment complex. The idea is that any excrement that is left behind can be matched up to dog and subsequently to the owner.

Like many similar programs around the country, once the registry is established, “the DNA of any un-scooped waste found on the property will be matched” to the owner and a $300 fine will be issued.

Do you think The Villages should start a dog DNA registry for dog owners? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or send a letter to the editor. 

Dog droppings have been a hot topic at dog parks across The Villages.

Last month, the Amenity Authority Committee reassured the community that it would not close Mulberry Dog Park, despite complaints about dog owners not picking up behind their dogs or keeping up with the grounds.

Last summer, a 65-year-old Villager avoided prosecution after attacking another Villager who he alleged had not cleaned up behind his dog. 

Villager and Wildwood Commissioner Joe Elliott, when he was serving as a Community Development District supervisor, raised the idea of a dog DNA registry.