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Man carrying heroin and claiming to be undercover federal agent arrested by Lake County deputies

James Marshall Hoskinson

A Mascotte man who was carrying 31 packages of heroin in his pants and claiming to be an undercover federal agent was arrested by Lake County deputies this past Wednesday.

According to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office report, James Marshall Hoskinson, 31, a habitual traffic and driving under the influence offender, was caught driving on a revoked driver’s license. After telling Street Crimes deputies several times that he was a federal agent, Hoskinson also told deputies that he had some “hidden” items in the rear of his pants.

Hoskinson, who listed his occupation as a detailer, then pulled out the pre-packaged bags of heroin and $900 in cash, the report says.

Hoskinson was booked into the Lake County Jail on the drug charges with intent to sell and the driving charges. He was being held on $40,000 bond.

Lake County deputies say 31-year-old James Marshall Hoskinson was carrying 31 pre-packaged bags of heroin and $900 in cash when he was arrested this past Wednesday.

Hoskinson is no stranger to the Lake County judicial system, having been booked into the jail at least 19 times since April 2009 and appearing in courtrooms 39 times since May 2003. He’s been arrested multiple times by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Clermont Police Department, the Groveland Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol.

In the past, Hoskinson has been found guilty of:

• Affray (behaving in a manner in public that could cause others to fear for their safety);
• Charges related to driving with license suspended or revoked (eight times);
• Driving without a seat belt;
• DUI-related charges (three times);
• Expired registration six months or less;
• Failure to obey a traffic control device;
• Felony fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement officers (twice);
• Improper start from parked/stopped/standing position;
• Liquor possession by a person under 21;
• Open container of alcohol in a vehicle;
• Possession of Alprazolam (a drug used to treat anxiety and/or panic disorders);
• Possession of cannabis, 20 grams or less;
• Possession of cocaine (twice);
• Possession of drug paraphernalia (three times);
• Possession of tobacco products by a minor;
• Prohibited lights on a vehicle (red/blue/flashing);
• Refusing to obey traffic laws;
• Resisting a law enforcement officer without violence (twice);
• Shoplifting;
• Trespassing on the grounds of a public school.

Hoskinson is scheduled to appear in a Lake County courtroom June 25 at 8:30 a.m. to answer to the latest charges filed against him.

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