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Wildwood woman already out on bond facing several new drug charges

Amanda Carroll Burgess

A woman was arrested this past Thursday night after a Wildwood police officer stopped her because her license tag wasn’t properly attached to her vehicle and she ran a stop sign leaving the Sunoco station on Main Street.

When the officer approached the car, 34-year-old Amanda Carroll Burgess, of Wildwood, “was fidgeting” as she acknowledged knowing that her license plate wasn’t properly attached. She also admitted to running the stop sign but told the officer she didn’t realize she was required to come to a complete stop, a Wildwood Police report states.

The deputy noted in the report that Burgess “appeared extremely nervous and began shaking while profusely sweating” as he spoke with her.

After a K-9 dog alerted to the presence of narcotics inside Burgess’ maroon SUV, the officer opened the driver’s door and asked her to exit the vehicle. But Burgess “began moving around and reaching under her legs and in the passenger seat,” the report says.

The officer said Burgess continued to “fidget” and ignore his loud verbal commands to show him her hands and exit the vehicle. And after several more commands to step out of the SUV, the officer told her she had one more chance to comply or “she would be removed by force, at which time she reluctantly complied.”

The officer said that as Burgess finally climbed from her vehicle, she looked back at her seat where there was a pink-and-clear round plastic container with “two cut pieces of straw and a white crystal rock substance,” the report says.

Burgess continued to ignore commands as another officer attempted to search her for weapons, the report says, adding that she slapped the officer’s hands during a search of her “bra area,” the report says.

After Burgess was placed in double-locked wrist restraints, officers found $500 in her bra. And after being advised of her rights, Burgess told officers she was attempting to conceal the container found in her seat because she believed it contained crystal methamphetamine and she didn’t want it discovered, the report says.

The officer said Burgess asked to have her shoulder scratched “because she felt that things were crawling on her skin.” He also noted that she had “many fresh, open sores on her face, neck, hands, arms and chests” and continued to “try to pick at her skin even in restraints” while sweating profusely.

Burgess told officers that she had a “meth and prescription pill problem” in the past and only carries a few days’ supply of Hydrocodone pills with her.

Burgess also admitted to having Hydrocodone pills in her purse that weren’t contained in a prescription bottle. Subsequently, 17 pills that were later identified as Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen were found wrapped in a piece of foil inside the purse, the report says.

After the white crystal substance found in the pink-and-clear container tested positive for methamphetamine, Burgess was transported to the Sumter County Detention Center and charged with two counts of possession of drugs and one count of possession of drug equipment. Burgess, who was out on bond in connection with another case when she was arrested Thursday, is being held on $6,000 bond.

Burgess also was arrested May 8 and charged with driving with a suspended license, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug equipment. And in December 2015 when she was living in The Villages, Burgess was arrested on a theft charge while working at Kohl’s in Lady Lake.

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