Villager claims neighbor out to get her by reporting her to Community Standards

A Villager told the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors on Thursday afternoon that a neighbor had reported her to Community Standards just to be malicious.

Eleanor Thomas, of the Village of Collier, spoke during a public hearing before the CDD 10 board regarding a deed compliance issue at her home.

“I have a neighbor who continuously makes complaints against me,” Thomas said.

Her violation is landscaping that has gone beyond her property line into an easement. The violation was verified by Community Standards.

Thomas alleged that she has four to five neighbors with the same violation. The difference is that they have not been reported to Community Standards. The system in The Villages is complaint-driven. A violation can exist so long as it does not get reported.

Board members, as well as Community Standards, said they wanted to work with Thomas to bring her into compliance.

Eleanor Thomas’ landscaping at 3347 Norcoose Road has been found in violation of deed compliance.

However, some thought there might have been some deception in what Thomas had presented to the Architectural Review Committee.

“Unfortunately, what was submitted (to the ARC) was not accurate to what was there. If it had been, it would not have been approved,” said CDD 10 Chairman Don Wiley.

Thomas was found in violation of deed compliance. Originally, it had been recommended that she be given 45 days to bring her property into compliance. However, board members decided to extend it to 90 days, as Thomas had indicated she likely will have to do the work herself. The Florida heat was cited as a reason to give Thomas more time.

If the property is not brought into compliance, she could face a series of fines.