Cleaning will take place during daytime at postal stations in The Villages

Cleaning will take place at postal stations during the daytime hours after a complaint was lodged last week at a meeting of the Project Wide Advisory Committee.

Community Development District 10 Chairman Don Wiley, who led the charge on the lack of cleanliness at the postal stations, on Monday said his postal station in the Village of Hillsborough had been thoroughly cleaned.

Since Wiley raised the issue, it has been a hot topic in The Villages.

Dead bugs are visible on a ledge at the Dunedin Postal Station.

CDD 10 supervisors had plenty of questions and suggestions in the wake of the debate.

Wiley said while he was pleased to see the Hillsborough postal station had been cleaned, on the way to Monday’s meeting he stopped at Collier and Dunedin postal stations and there had been “no change.”

Sam Wartinbee, of District Property Management, said he had spoken to the cleaning contractor and cleaning will now be done during the daytime rather than at night.

“They can’t see as well at night as they can during the day,” Wartinbee said.

Resident Steve Bova had a complaint about stickers on mailboxes.

“They are half on, half off. They look terrible,” he said.

Stickers can be seen on mailboxes at the Bonita Postal Station.

But those are not within the control of The Villages.

“Legally they are defacing governmental property. It’s up to the United States Postal Service to enforce,” Wartinbee said.