Democrat socialism must be defeated

To the Editor:

The Hollywood elites are coming out in support of Democrat socialism like the same government that destroyed the failed state of Venezuela. The same Hollywood people that profit from the violent films, TV shows and video games that have corrupted the youth of the world. Instead of having a debate about any issue, our youth go to violence; actions fueled by the constant stream of violent media content. Then Hollywood/media tell law-abiding citizens that we need to limit legal gun ownership.
Really? Hollywood and the media are using propaganda, distorting the facts on the current administration, the economy and world affairs. We don’t care what Hollywood and the media think. They peddle fantasy; we have to live in the real world. What do they know? In the last century, some governments used propaganda and gun control to rein in its citizens. We can’t let that happen here in the United States. We are different for a reason. Our system of government works and has worked for 240-plus years.
During the last 23 months, we have seen the economy soar. Every metric has improved. So we know that reducing regulations and taxes works now, as it did in the 1980s under President Reagan.
The economy is great, unemployment is down, fair trade is being made possible with other countries and crime is down (except in places like Tallahassee where Democrat socialist Andrew Gillum is mayor).
Democrat socialists want to change the direction of the country back to when the economy was poor by added spending, increased regulation and government programs that we can’t afford. Also, open borders and illegals tap unfairly into government systems and benefits that take away from needy American citizens. Legal immigration works and strengthens the country.
Have you heard what the Democrat Party is doing to improve America? Promoting socialism, racial tension and gender bias is their agenda. They don’t want to debate. All they do is rant about obstructionism and resistance, scream, get in people’s faces and bring about violence. They attack the most qualified judge ever nominated to the Supreme Court. Do the Democrats really care about American citizens?
This is not the Democratic Party of JFK. This is a Socialist Party. They must be defeated in November.

Michael Plocharczyk
Bridgeport of Miona Shores

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