Tenor needed for ‘South Pacific’ after well-known Villages talent announces departure

Lt. Joe Cable has been lost in “South Pacific” – at least for the upcoming Villages Musical Theater production. And the VMT is searching for a new actor to fill the role.

Carter Poust is moving from The Villages and will have to be replaced in the upcoming musical ‘South Pacific.’

Carter Poust has been rehearsing with the cast in the Cable role for months. But he is moving from The Villages in January, said “South Pacific” director Sandie Hawthorne.

That means she needs to quickly find a tenor with some acting experience for the famed musical, which will be held this coming March 22-24 in Savannah Center.
It may seem a long way off, but in terms of a big-cast, local musical, six months is not a lot of time.

“It’s disappointing and shocking, but we have to replace Carter as soon as possible,” Hawthorne said. “We will be announcing an audition time soon and we’re looking for anyone who lives in The Villages who can sing one of the songs and read from the script.”

The role of Joe Cable is critical to the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.
Cable is a Marine officer who sets out on a dangerous secret mission in the South Pacific islands during World War II. He falls in love with an island woman named Liat and they must struggle for acceptance due to racial prejudice.

Poust has been one of the most popular local singers and dancers in The Villages and appeared in numerous theatrical productions over the past three years.

Anyone who would like to audition can contact Sandie Hawthorne at (352) 205-9600 or shawtho771@aol.com.

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