Developer-backed candidate in CDD 6 falls to POA board member

Villager Patricia Francis and Gov. Rick Scott.

A well-connected Republican who accepted $2,000 in campaign cash from the Developer lost her bid for a supervisor’s seat in Community Development District 6.

Patricia Francis collected 2,751 votes Tuesday, bested by Andrew Curtis, who won 3,950 votes. (There were a few mail-in and Election Day ballots yet to be counted.)

Francis made headlines when she collected $2,000 in campaign contributions from the Developer, who did not contribute to any other CDD campaign. She spent most of the money advertising in The  Villages Daily Sun.

Andrew Curtis

Francis has long been active in Republican Party politics in The Villages. Her husband, Mike Francis, was a Sumter County commissioner. He died in 2009.

Curtis, of the Village of Mallory Square, is a member of the Property Owners Association Board and he said his fellow members encouraged him to seek the CDD 6 seat. The POA has frequently been an irritant for the Developer.