Frankie Brin Financial 74’s wins bracket in FHC Tournament

Frankie Brin Financial (FBF) 74’s traveled to Auburndale Softball Sports Complex, Auburndale, Florida to participate in the FHCASA Vietnam Anniversary Classic which was held on November 3-4, 2018.

The team went 3-1 while playing in the 74 plus Division which had a 3-team bracket.

In the first game on Saturday, FBF won 15-7 over Lakeland 74’s. In the 2nd game, FBF won 16-9 against Woodlawn Hitting Club 74’s.

On Sunday, since rain was expected, the tournament went to a 1-pitch format. In the first game, FBF lost to Woodlawn Hitting Club 74’s, 5-4. The final game would be played against Lakeland 74’s for the Championship. FBF shut down Lakeland 74 in the first inning and went on to score 5 runs in the bottom of the inning. FBF went on to win the game 10-2.

Frankie Brin Financial gave up a total of 23 runs while scoring 45 throughout the tournament. Dewey McVicker did an excellent job pitching all four games. Leading hitters for Frankie Brin Financial: Dick Kanyan (.833), Dewey McVicker and Carl McWilliams (.700), Rod Severson (.692) 3B-2 and ITP HR, Frank Murth (.692) 2B, Roger Scott (.667), 2B, 3B, ITP HR, Jim Harrison (.636) 2B, 3B, Gregg Foster (.615) 3B-2, Dave Foltz .556), Dave Mamuscia (.400), Don Borie (.333) 2B and Tom McGann (.308) 2B-2, 3B-1.