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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Villages country club shut down after repeated health code violations 

Hacienda Hills Country Club

A country club in The Villages was shut down last week after repeated health code violations.

Hacienda Hills Country Club, at 1200 N. Morse Blvd., was shut down Friday after failing an inspection, according to a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  

The inspector found two high-priority violations involving unclean surfaces and roaches.

A surface with food-contact had not been sanitized and utensils had not been properly cleaned. Twelve roaches were found in kitchen drawers on the cookline.

Sign at Hacienda Hills Country Club

Repeat violations included a cutting board with cut marks that were deemed to be no longer cleanable; the interior of an oven had a heavy accumulation of a black substance, grease and food debris; walk-in cooler shelves were soiled with encrusted debris; wet wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizing solution between uses; and lights on the cookline were not covered and in disrepair.

Other violations included an accumulation of grease on the kitchen floor, old labels stuck to food containers after cleaning and required training had expired for some employees.

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