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Publix could be ‘mystery’ grocery store coming to Trailwinds Village on County Road 466A  

Another Publix store could be the mystery grocery planned for Trailwinds Village north of County Road 466A across from Pinellas Plaza.

A marketing flyer produced by the Barclay Group, the Trailwinds developer, shows a Publix store as the occupant of a 48,982-square-foot retail space reserved for a food store. The flyer, available on the Internet, carries a disclaimer that it may contain inaccurate information.

Wildwood commissioners approved a site plan for the unnamed store Monday night. The store is part of four buildings called the Market at Trailwinds. Two of the buildings are 8,400 square feet each and one is 1,400 square feet.

The Publix would be the eighth for the supermarket chain in The Villages area. It would be within a mile of Publix stores at Colony Plaza east on County Road 466A and at Grand Traverse Plaza near Brownwood. It would be a few blocks from a Winn Dixie store at Pinellas Plaza..

The store would be roughly the same size as the nearby Trailwinds Aldi grocery store and slightly smaller than other Publix stores.

Earlier this month, a civil engineer representing Barclay at a meeting of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board said a grocery tenant had not been signed for the space.

The marketing flyer, created to interest retail businesses in Trailwinds, also shows a complex of 425 apartments planned behind the Lowe’s home improvement store. The complex is listed as “coming soon.”

Commissioners also approved the site plan for a 2,584-square-foot Wendy’s Restaurant at Trailwinds. Located just east of the Circle K gasoline station, Wendy’s is part of a row of fast-food restaurants that include Taco Bell, Burger King and Jersey Mike’s. Other businesses include ABC Liquors and Vystar Credit Union.

An assisted living center is planned at the eastern and storage buildings to the west.

When completed, Trailwinds Village is expected to have 296 homes, 462 assisted living beds, 572,750 square feet of retail space and 151,500 square feet of office space.

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