Leesburg High School goes on lockdown after shooting leaves man fatally wounded

Leesburg Police officers were called to a shooting Monday morning that left one man dead and temporarily put Leesburg High School and nearby daycare centers on lockdown.

Darrell Kendell White and Kevin Lathrio Williams

Officers responded to the area of 1700 W Main Street shortly after 9:30 a.m., where they quickly detained the accused shooter, 29-year-old Darrell Kendell White. They also attempted to render aid to the victim, later identified as 28-year-old Kevin Lathrio Williams. He was unresponsive when officers arrived and had suffered at least one gunshot wound, a Leesburg Police report says.

Crews from the Leesburg Fire Department and Lake EMS provided treatment for Williams but he was pronounced dead after being transported to Leesburg Regional Medical Center, the report says.

Officers took White into custody and transported him to the Leesburg Police Department headquarters, where he was questioned by detectives. Officers also spoke with witnesses from the incident while attempting to piece together what happened, the report says.

Preliminary information suggested there was an argument between White and Williams, and possibly others, when the shooting occurred. Specific details of the argument remain under investigation, the report says.

Eventually, after a lengthy consultation between detectives and the State Attorney’s Office, the decision was made to release White from custody. But police say the investigation remains open and they are still gathering information.

“We would like to ensure our community, and all persons involved, that a thorough and complete investigation will render the appropriate outcome in this case,” police said in a statement late Monday afternoon.